New materials offer speciality solutions

From aircraft interiors and cosmetic lotions to outdoor furniture and body armour, the demand for lighter, tougher materials solutions continues to drive demand. Sean Ottewell reports

Reactive epoxy curing agents

Technology gives formulators greater control and additional flexibility to manage their own recipes and modify systems

New polymers rise to technical challenges

Developments in polymer technology are aimed at meeting requirements for better blow moulding, polyethylene nucleation. Eugene McCarthy reports

Bioplastics to pass the 1m tonne mark in 2011

From 700,000 tonnes in 2010, production capacity will increase to a predicted 1.7 million tonnes by 2015

Insulating bare metal

High performance thermal additive has been specifically created for formulators and paint manufacturers

Tougher standards drive new materials development

Demand for new materials remains strong in the automobile, coatings and paper manufacturing markets - driven largely by tougher regulatory requirements. Sean Ottewell reports

Classification and Labelling Inventory of chemicals on the EU market

More than three million submission records covering more than 90,000 chemical substances are now freely accessible



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