Coating process adds nanoparticles to polymers

Researchers form the University of Warwick have developed a cost-effective, high-productivity method for coating polymer particles with silica-based nanoparticles

Top coat printable label materials

Film substrates enable higher performance in harsh chemical, high moisture and high heat environments ranging from 180 to 220ºC

Project to investigate magnesium in transport

A study is being undertaken to seek ways to increase the use of lightweight magnesium alloy components in transport applications

Precision dip coating for the fabrication of thin films

Dip coating is the precision controlled immersion and withdrawal of any substrate into a reservoir of liquid for the purpose of depositing a layer of material. Nick Hardy reports

High-performance polymer coating can be spray-applied

A new flame spraying technique has been developed that enables Vicote high-performance polymer coatings to be applied to metal and ceramic substrates

Demand is growing for innovative 'green' polymer-based solutions

Demand for electronic components, architectural cladding and new plastic packaging solutions are driving the latest developments in polymer-based materials innovation

Rapid prototyping: powder for manufacture of parts

CRP Technology's new Windform LX SLS powder features new-generation glass fibres, making it suitable for functional applications and finished complex parts

Corrosion solutions conference

Metallurgists, fabricators, chemical and materials engineers will discuss topics ranging from alloy development and plant engineering to fabrication, failure analysis

Materials focus on insulation, energy, emissions and quality

The latest releases of new materials from European chemical companies aim to improve insulation, energy efficiency and finish, while reducing the amount of solvents involved during manufacture

Clear polycarbonate offers higher performance and easier processing

Sabic's Lexan HFD resins deliver a combination of higher melt flow and greater toughness without compromising on clarity

Accurately predict behaviour of filled polymers

Rhodia's MMI Confident Design software provides detailed information about the behaviour of filled polymers when subjected to stresses

Legislation continues to drive novel polymer development

Tyres, automobile parts, white goods and electronics are all being subject to tougher European legislation. And, says Sean Ottewell, this is opening up many new markets for polymer manufacturers

Automated production of fibre-reinforced components

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a laser-based technique for the automated production of fibre-reinforced components and assemblies

Sheet colours open up new markets

Recycled extruded sheet product in new shades suit thermo-forming or sheet conversion applications

Fibre reinforced polymers for corrosion control

Michael G Stevens looks at the uses of fibre reinforced polymers FRP to control corrosion in industrial applications

SMA as additive for amorphous thermoplastics

Styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) boosting thermal performance, paintability and compatibility in multi-material systems. Patrick Muezers reports

Polymers and composites continue to drive the automotive market

Vehicle manufacturers want to replace expensive, heavy metal parts with cheaper and lighter polymers and composites. The result is a raft of new products and opportunities for chemical companie

Polymer blends market earns revenues of €346.0m in 2009

Eastern Europe and niche applications stimulate the European polymer blends market

Maximising heat exchanger uptime in aggressive environments

Operational capabilities of heat exchangers in chemical plants can be affected by a number of factors not least of which is the aggressive nature of the cooling medium. Knut Tersmeden reports

Control of flow properties

The technique of shear testing has been utilised to optimise the flow behaviour of powdered snack flavours



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