Accurate analysis of carbon fibre composites

Carbon fibre analysis is of great interest to developers of products that benefit from the unique strength to weight ratio and rigidity of carbon fibre reinforced materials

Single rod live-line capacitor assemblies

Built into capacitor divider circuits which are connected to medium system voltage lines where they are used to sense the presence of voltage

Putting a test case for integrity management

Errors in material selection, the use of incorrect heat treatment techniques, inconsistent mechanical testing regimes, can lead to product failures during operation

New solution for sustainable, high performance coatings

Innovnano has developed 4YSZ in suspension for highly efficient coating deposition

Truck manufacturer adopts lightweight plastic for heavy truck oil pan

Oil pan is up to 50 per cent lighter than aluminium, and can resist stone and gravel chip impact

Tubular cable conveyors for friable food and non-food products

Typical non-food applications include bulk chemicals, minerals, chopped fibreglass, microspheres, regrind, pellets, tobacco and other friable materials

Spheres can form squares

Researchers believe that their findings will lead to new bottom-up strategies for the design of structured materials, to be used in high-tech optical applications

Demand for high temperature synthetic oils soars

Thermal fluid users have now consumed their reserves and the combination of all these circumstances has led to the current situation

When you don’t want a bag for life ...

Malvern Instruments uses rheology to investigate polymer biodegradability

Silicone antifoams help breweries thrive

Destabilise and collapse the bubbles, helping brewers to reduce loss and avoid having to stop production to clean up spills

High performance, sustainable materials solutions

Chemical companies are investing in new technologies and plants in order to manufacture high-performance, sustainable materials for growing markets. Eugene McCarthy reports

Sustainability is key as manufacturers focus on materials

Products as diverse as detergents and car doors are all becoming more sustainable as chemical companies bring innovative new materials to market. Sean Ottewell reports

Solid alternative to liquid epoxy for high-volume, precision sealing

Pre-mixed ratios of resin to catalyst, and consistent viscosity from beginning to end of batch ensure uniform, high-quality results



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