New thin film coatings improve corrosion resistance

This process is free from phosphate or nickel salts

Self-healing masonry could become a reality

Scientists kick-start new study using bacteria

New plastic scrap marketplace is launched

One California company is looking to match buyers with sellers more easily


Thermal separation of complex polymers

The Postnova TF2000 is an advanced thermal field flow fractionation system for separating and characterising complex polymer samples

New adhesive for e-motors

DELO's new two-component adhesive is suitable for electric motors with a medium temperature range and provides flexibility and reliability in their assembly

Wear-resistant tribo-powder for 3D SLS printing

Parts are three times more wear-resistant than those printed from standard materials

Carbon graphite vane material

Reduces the processing time and effort for vanes in electric vacuum pumps within the automotive sector

Sanitary cone mill for sticky, moist, fragile materials

Alleviates traditional milling problems of product build-up, dust and heat generation

Reproducibly precise additive dosing

Aadditive applicator able to precisely measure additive flow rates and adjust pump drive levels to maintain correct application levels

Graphene reinforced carbon fibre prepreg products

Primary drivers in the development of the structural component prepreg were to increase the impact resistance and compression

Hydraulic cylinders: handling the pressure

Trevor Hornsby reports on recent developments in hydraulic cylinder technology

Stabilised zirconia offer optimum performance up to 2,000ºC

Suitable for atmospheres containing carbon commonly used in furnaces for the production of photovoltaic silicon ingots

Comparison of performance benefits of thermal insulation materials

SEW3 app highlights the best product mix to customers, whether that requirement is for single insulation or by marrying together multiple insulations in composite systems

Carbon flax hybrid solutions

Composites Evolution has developed a range of carbon flax hybrid materials offering a lower cost alternative to carbon fibre

Rare earth metal foils

Applications for rare earth metal foils include their use in aerospace technology, electronics, electromagnetic shielding, x-ray technology

High temperature adhesives and encapsulants for applications up to +250°C

Can withstand high temperatures and aggressive media in areas such as the automotive, power electronics, or oil and gas industries



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