Computers Controls

Why choose obsolete?

Infographic on the benefits of purchasing obsolete components as opposed to buying brand new equipment

Adaptive control

Paul Hurst explains how vacuum brazing control technology is successfully transferring to other sectors

The path to productivity

Steve Leech outlines some key areas that can have a big impact on releasing a process plant’s productivity potential



Chemical control solution

Brazil chemical facility first to adopt new process controls that allows for more effective responses and less operator fatigue

The crucial scope of plant scheduling

Roch Gauthier looks at why executives need to view scheduling as a vital part of the business decision-making process

Air knives cover wide spans, resist temperature and corrosion

Suitable for blowing corrosive chemicals off parts, drying food products and cooling hot materials such as molten glass, castings and moulded parts

Latin American mines are most dissatisfied with the cost of maintenance and servicing

A new survey by Timetric’s Mining Intelligence Center has shown mines throughout Latin America are dissatisfied with their original equipment manufacturers over cost-related factors, in particular maintenance and servicing costs

Cybersecurity: a journey, not a destination

Cybersecurity is an arms race of escalating capabilities, says Chris Evans. ‘Defenders’ of vulnerable assets must constantly reassess the situation and implement new defences

Rugged ATEX-certified Windows tablet

For explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments such as oil, gas and petrochemical production, mining, paint and food manufacturing

Compact mass flow controller for harsh environments

Applications can be found in process control systems as for example in food, chemical and petrochemical plants

Control projects focus on quality and cost

Installation of powerful control systems on chemical plants can bring substantial savings in terms of improved energy efficiency, reduced raw materials use, easier maintenance and larger capacities. Sean Ottewell reports

Control system offers reliability at multi-product chemical plant

A chemical manufacturing giant has replaced its problematic control system with a new solution which offered increased output, improved reliability together with reduced complexity of operation

Cybersecurity collaboration to deliver advanced control solutions

A co-operative agreement between a leading cyber risk and compliance management company and a major safety consulting company promises to deliver advanced cyber-secure safety services for Scada and other process control systems

Smart wireless solutions solve compliance and complexity issues

Two European chemical companies have turned to smart wireless solutions: the first to help meet local environmental regulations and the second to improve condition monitoring of filters

Chemical imaging software available as a 64-bit version

ISys can handle even the most complex chemical images quickly and efficiently, says Malvern Instruments



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