Air Pollution Control

Is this the future for atmospheric NOx removal?

University of Cambridge-led study offers impressive results

Why e-commerce is now a must have in automation and control engineering

Tony Young discusses the changing attitude towards purchasing industrial components online

Particulate pollution meter

Suitable for monitoring pollution in burning plants, petrochemical facilities, thermal power plants, mining facilities, metal refineries



VOCs – why speciate?

Showcasing technologies for measuring individual organic compounds

Fittings prevent wasps from infiltrating and clogging open systems

Mud Dauber fittings are suitable for vents, blow-down tubes and sample points

Regulatory enforcement drives continuous emission monitors

Tighter legal and environmental regulations are ensuring that the chemical companies remain in the market for the latest continuous emissions monitoring systems

Oxidation technologies for destruction of volatile organic compounds

Ever tightening EU regulations and standards for the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions, are putting heavy demands on industry

Better power transmission helps stabilises manufacturing process

Many companies, from steel manufacturers to refiners, are turning to advanced power transmission solutions in order to stabilise their processes

How to choose a ball valve to control fugitive emissions

To control fugitive emissions from ball valves, the critical point is to select the right ball valve for the application. Two design features that are especially important in controlling fugitive emissions: body seal design and stem seal design. Michael Adkins and Pete Ehlers report.


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