Dual band amplifier

MILMEGA offers maximum power to run automotive radar pulse tests

Field generator for EMC immunity testing

The new RadiField Triple A has lower power consumption, less mechanical wear and tear of cables and connectors

Testing SMARC modules

Yamaichi Electronics´ SMARC test adapter is a performance controlled system according to the SGET SMARC specification

Test system meets new immunity testing requirements

NSG 4060 from Teseq tests frequencies ranging from 15Hz to 150kHz

Ultra-durable 75 Ohm low loss cable assemblies

Designed to withstand the rigours of test lab use and communications systems

Water vapour kills electronics and PCs

Fast and more efficient ways to test - and quantify - this problem for electronics and electronic enclosures

High precision single and dual-axis inclinometer

The robust and durable sensor is available in six measurement ranges up to ±60˚

LED driver test equipment

Chroma instruments include programmable AC and DC sources, high precision power meters and an LED load simulator specifically designed for LED power drivers

Torque and angle measurement for PTO shafts

NCTE’s new 7500 series torque sensor is available from Ixthus Instrumentation

Controller has Haswell CPU

PXIe-3985 controller is suitable for the most demanding of tasks in multi-tasking environments

Electrical safety testers

The new Sentinel Hipot/flash testers from Clare delivers improved time and cost saving benefits

Evaluating the performance of RF systems

Livingston announces availability of highly scalable network analysis solution

Photo back illuminated 16 channel photodiode array

Designed for use in X-ray non-destructive testing applications, says Hamamatsu Photonics

Digital stimulus/response module for RF chipset test systems

Cycliser technology enables on-the-fly pattern creation for single site, or up to four independent multi-sites

Spectrum analyser has 9kHz to 3GHz frequency range

Allows in-depth testing and analysis; viable solution for many different business sectors such as R&D, QA or university research

High-performance benchtop DC electronic load series

Transient operation up to 25kHz, built-in battery test and GPIB interface

High performance oscilloscope

Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes come in either 350MHz or 500MHz bandwidth

The cathodoluminescence revolution goes 3D

3D mapping of spectroscopic features on nanoscale objects

Modular electronic loads for power testing

Solution for testing of today’s sophisticated power supplies, batteries, LEDs, adaptors and converters



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