Multimeter passes evaluation with flying colours

Transmille 8081 Multimeter receives glowing recommendation from Italy's national laboratory

Microscope stage for electronics material testing

Fully compatible with a wide range of microscopes the H112 can easily accommodate wafers up to 12-inches (300mm) in diameter

Sensors for low torque and/or high bandwidth duties

Precise, dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque from 10mNm to 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz

Ready-to-use semi-rigid test probes up to 6GHz

Test probes from Pasternack provide engineers an easy solution for testing and developing circuits

X-ray fluorescence

Preferred technology for coating thickness measurement of lead frames

AC current and voltage data logger with display

OM-DVCV, from Omega, is a self-contained, precision instrument for recording AC current and AC voltage

Software toolkit facilitates complex load monitoring

Mantracourt's new Software Toolkit accompanies its LCA20 load cell and strain gauge amplifier

Viewing a trace from multiple perspectives

New Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS and Microchip PIC32 Microcontrollers

Rugged nanonics connectors

Designed to meet the rugged needs for applications within aerospace and defence, test and measurement, marine, and commercial aircraft

Find cable faults faster

Designed specifically to meet the needs of DNOs to speed up the location of faults on live or dead LV networks

RTD/resistance input module

Built-in self-test reports both internal errors and wiring faults

Low-pressure length gauge avoids marking or deforming delicate surfaces

Called METRO 1281 MW, the length gauge can, for example, safely inspect small plastic gears, glass objects, semiconductor wafers or polished medical components

Semi-rigid cable assemblies target cryogenics

Suitable for industrial, defence, security and test system applications

Instant-development kit

Designed for use high-speed data communication, video capture and processing, high-performance computing, military and defence technologies, and testing and measurement

Embedded computing platform provides full PC compatibility

Ginsbury Genie is a low power system, complete with a fully integrated TFT display, that offers the flexibility, ease of use and PC compatibility

Semi-rigid cable assemblies for cryogenic applications

Suitable for industrial, defence/security, and test system applications



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