Enhanced flow meter verification system

The new software uses real-time intelligence and calibration of Coriolis and magnetic flow meters

Next generation radiation detection devices

Company uses Knowledge Transfer Partnerships for new devices to identify cancerous tissues and hazardous and radioactive materials

Tiny dyno

This is designed for accurate measurements of small machined pieces such as found in watch manufacturing

Calibration kit launch

These are for field testing, antenna measurement and cable verification

Why You Shouldn't Take Transformers For Granted

Why AC/DC variable voltage sources are still necessary for testing systems

New Ethernet-based modular remote I/O device

This is designed to handle a large number of signals

​New flexible torque sensor

Using strain gauge technology, this relies on contactless energy and measurement signal transmission to make its static and dynamic measurements

New multimeter range

These devices have the emphasis on user safety

New calibrated noise sources

New calibrated noise sources designed for precision test and measurement applications

New semiconductor measurement device

It features significant improvements over legacy surface scan methods

New tablet PC

The device is designed for commissioning and maintaining field instruments in hazardous and non-hazardous locations

New digital multimeter

The device has a range of up to 600V

750W AC-DC power supplies

Key applications include surgical, life support, imaging and blood processing products, as well as test and measurement equipment

Solder paste inspection system

Essential to monitor and control the most critical, error prone process step in manufacturing defect-free electronic assemblies; solder paste printing



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