Test & Measurement

Modern electronics supports and simplifies non-CNC metrology

Geometry tools record the coordinates of features such as points, lines, circles, slots and squares

New test system for vehicle radar

Millimetrewave technology is used to simulate echoes of up to four artificial target objects


New semi-anechoic EMC chamber opens

Investment allows for 24 hour testing

New autonomous wheel loader concept

Amazingly this collaboration between Volvo and Lego has led to number of potentially revolutionary patents

Interferometric surface measurement using phone technology

University researchers have demonstrated surface height measurements with a precision of 10 nanometres

Laser scanning halves inspection times

The new QA method has replaced a co-ordinate measurement machine

New line of gold-plated calibration kits

These are for cable verification, antenna measurement and other field test and measurement applications

High acquisition rate oscilloscope family expands

This has improved signal integrity, measurement speed and a broader range of functions

Enhanced flow meter verification system

The new software uses real-time intelligence and calibration of Coriolis and magnetic flow meters

Next generation radiation detection devices

Company uses Knowledge Transfer Partnerships for new devices to identify cancerous tissues and hazardous and radioactive materials

Flow meter provides built-in temperature compensation

This is for where raw materials must be dried accurately

Tiny dyno

This is designed for accurate measurements of small machined pieces such as found in watch manufacturing

Flowmeter with multi-gas functionality

This offers a quick response time (10ms) and two programmable mass flow rate totalisers

New Ethernet-based modular remote I/O device

This is designed to handle a large number of signals

New compact oscilloscope

This unit offers a maximum sampling rate of 200 MS/s, software-enhanced resolution up to 12 bits, and high-speed USB streaming up to 1 MS/s



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