Test & Measurement

Modern electronics supports and simplifies non-CNC metrology

Geometry tools record the coordinates of features such as points, lines, circles, slots and squares



New testing system for antennas

RF measurements can now be made from –20°C to +85°C

New probes for quality control and inspection

These stainless steel units are IP-65-certified

Portable vibration meter stores up to 100 readings

This is for a wide range of machinery including engines, gearboxes, motors, turbines and pumps

New passive intermodulation finder software

This is designed for testing sources outside antenna infrastructure in the 560-2750MHz range

Network of seismometers deployed in Iceland

Hekla, one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes is to be monitored more closely in a bid to predict eruptions

Advances in embedded 3D image processing

This system is designed for tasks like robotic welding guidance or adhesive bead tracking

New Field of View video measurement system

This non-contact device is designed to check complex shapes like screw threads

New test system for vehicle radar

Millimetrewave technology is used to simulate echoes of up to four artificial target objects

Predictive maintenance offers health care for gear units

Intelligent frequency inverters with integrated PLCs evaluate motor and gear data to predict trouble ahead

New semi-anechoic EMC chamber opens

Investment allows for 24 hour testing

New autonomous wheel loader concept

Amazingly this collaboration between Volvo and Lego has led to number of potentially revolutionary patents

Interferometric surface measurement using phone technology

University researchers have demonstrated surface height measurements with a precision of 10 nanometres

New line of gold-plated calibration kits

These are for cable verification, antenna measurement and other field test and measurement applications

High acquisition rate oscilloscope family expands

This has improved signal integrity, measurement speed and a broader range of functions

Enhanced flow meter verification system

The new software uses real-time intelligence and calibration of Coriolis and magnetic flow meters



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