Test & Measurement

Don't take transformers for granted

Why AC/DC variable voltage sources are still necessary for testing systems

New Ethernet-based modular remote I/O device

This is designed to handle a large number of signals


​New flexible torque sensor

Using strain gauge technology, this relies on contactless energy and measurement signal transmission to make its static and dynamic measurements

New compact oscilloscope

This unit offers a maximum sampling rate of 200 MS/s, software-enhanced resolution up to 12 bits, and high-speed USB streaming up to 1 MS/s

New high temperature endoscope

This Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) device is designed for gas turbine inspection

New multimeter range

These devices have the emphasis on user safety

New calibrated noise sources

New calibrated noise sources designed for precision test and measurement applications

New semiconductor measurement device

It features significant improvements over legacy surface scan methods

Compressive force tester launched

The device can also be used to check material testing machines or force transducers

Wireless telemetry system

Gives farmers and municipalities greater control over irrigation systems

750W AC-DC power supplies

Key applications include surgical, life support, imaging and blood processing products, as well as test and measurement equipment

Solder paste inspection system

Essential to monitor and control the most critical, error prone process step in manufacturing defect-free electronic assemblies; solder paste printing

In-circuit debugger

Achieves up to twice the speed of the previous generation ICD; offers a wider voltage range of 1.20 to 5.5V and increased flexibility

Microscopes locate hard-to-see defects

Sample inspection for difficult-to-inspect samples such as semiconductors, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays

Handheld digital storage oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes show 50% more signal for applications in design, test, and debugging

You need the right 9V battery

Michele Windsor looks at 9V batteries and three applications that require better engineered batteries than those you pick up on your weekly shop



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