Precision dissolvable spacers

Designed to maintain consistent spacing between printed circuit boards and PCB components

Vertical translation stage features submicron resolution

New from Aerotech is the Airlift 115 vertical translation stage that benefits from submicron resolution over a travel range up to 150mm and at speeds to 50mm/s

Directional ionising nozzles provide localised static control

New Go Stat 4000 series DC ionising air nozzles from Static Solutions provide directional static control and particle dispersion when used individually or in arrays

Profile fixture suitable for viewing changes in reflow ovens

KIC MVP uses embedded sensor technologies that accurately measure the profile of an individual PCB

Silicon demand rebounds in 2010, led by 300mm wafers

iSuppli forecasts that 300mm wafers will reach 6.1 billion total square inches of silicon manufactured by 2013

Pick-and-place system dispenses solder paste of 100µm diameters

Flexible SMT production has reached new dimensions. Pick-and-place machines have now expanded their applications to include complex dispensing tasks. Such combined placement/dispensing machines can produce products at lower costs than individual specific machines. Adrian Scharli reports



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