Advances in high precision trace moisture measurement

Trials of new high sensitivity moisture transmitters measuring trace water content have demonstrated high precision and stability at the sub ppm levels

Semiconductor silicon revenue $303bn in 2012

Semiconductor silicon revenue closed 2012 at $303 billion

Equipment maker targets printed electronics

A Finnish maker of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment is aiming for flexible, printed PCBs using its technology. Nick Flaherty reports

PCB tools aim to make life easier for the designer

Some recent key updates to design tools are making life easier for PCB designers. Nick Flaherty reports

PCB prototype design process solutions

Helping PCB designers keep critical projects within production deadlines and budgets

Low-power, high-ESD switch available in miniature SC-70 package

Peregrine Semiconductor unveils SPDT RF switch for battery-powered and automotive telematics applications

Incorporating reconfigurable I/O

NI Single-Board RIO devices offer the advantages of reconfigurable field-programmable gate array and analogue and digital I/O

Increased interconnection density with new PCB

The Hypertac HDLP connectors offer up to 2,000 mating cycles, excellent fretting corrosion resistance and are sealed to IP67 when mated

Printed circuit connector modules combines high density with reliability

SMASH connectors are resistant to harsh environments, thanks to the use of a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) thermoplastic.

Faster handling of prepared production data

LPKF CircuitCAM 6.1 simplifies the implementation of layout data into production data

Software impacts on design for multi-core processors in single chip

Arun Subbarao looks at the issues for operating systems using multi-core devices in embedded systems

Modular electronics housing system for individual electronics assemblies

Heinz Scharlibbe looks at a new modular electronics housing system which provides a home for individual electronics solutions destined for applications in industry, process automation and building technology

Portable Ethernet chassis available in smaller version

The HalfRACK’s six I/O slots provide up to: 150 analogue inputs, 192 analogue outputs, 288 digital I/O, 48 counter or quadrature channels

Latest PCB technology boosts power electronics performance

Stephan Ruhnau explains how to transmit loads of 150A@1000V with wires up to 50mm2 straight to high current PCBs

ST launches world's thinnest accelerometer

LIS302DLH is a high-performance high-stability 16-bit device that is only 0.75mm high

Mass interconnect systems help protect company investment

Mass interconnect systems provide the critical connection between the tester and the unit under test. Elizabeth Wise reports

Replacing PCs and SBCs with a low power embedded platform

Designing a PCB for an embedded module can give significant gains in system design, production and, particularly, running costs over a commercial PC board or single board computer, says Richard Bethell

Moisture-curing silicone conformal coating sets fast

New from Master Bond is a fast-curing silicone conformal coating for sensitive electronics destined for use in harsh environments



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