Reducing voids in soldered joints

The greater the power loss which has to be dissipated via a solder joint, the lower its tolerability to voids

High Intensity Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp

Small but Powerful – New High Intensity, Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp. Techsil introduce the newly launched Hönle LED Spot 40 IC.

Inert welding gas monitored

This is designed for use in ultra clean conditions like semi-conductor, aerospace and pharmaceutical manufacturing


Online EMC training news

Expanded offering advises on best electromagnetic compatibility practice

Cleaners and solvents for electronics manufacturing

Proper and thorough preparation is an essential part of manufacturing and assembly processes

Moving from hand assembly to robotic assembly

Duane Benson outlines the top 5 things to consider when choosing to hand build or robotic build circuit boards

Five benefits of using fasteners on carrier tape to reduce production line waste

Reducing the number of process steps in assembly will create a more efficient process, saving time and associated costs

Galvanic through-hole plating

In the manufacturing of double-sided or multilayer PCBs, reliable electrical connection of the conductive networks is essential

Circuit board plotters

With the ProtoMat E34 and the ProtoMat E44, LPKF offers multifunctional machines for structuring, drilling, and milling of circuit boards

CWIEME show preview

Berlin winds up for coil winding and electrical manufacturing expo

Solder paste inspection

Accurate quantitative measurements of solder paste deposits which ensures the critical process is reliable, repeatable and controlled

Reducing composite moulding times

High-volume automotive and consumer electronics suppliers could achieve threefold throughput boost, says Surface Generation

Copper analyser monitors electronics wastewater

Copper contamination of water sources from electronics manufacturing washing and rinsing operations is a serious concern

Multi-million pound engineering institute launches in Derby

Key players from Derby’s engineering and manufacturing industry will be among guests at the launch of the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE)

LED test lab recognised by VDE Institute

VDE Institute recognises Samsung’s LED component test lab

Halide and halogen-free solder paste

Paste is designed to achieve printing speeds up to 250mm/s for the most demanding throughputs



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