xIDE for Interface Express - new version for Bluetooth 2.1

Cambridge Consultants' new version of xIDE for Interface Express enables multi-profile Bluetooth 2.1 qualified products and accessories to be developed

Vandal-resistant swinghandles incorporate LED display

FDB is introducing rugged electromechanical swinghandles for use in areas where resistance to tampering is required

Study identifies best cabling for 10 Gigabit Ethernet

A third-party test laboratory has undertaken tests to compare shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables for 10 Gigabit Ethernet communications

Failsafe, wireless operator control and monitoring

Rapid Roaming ensures fast handover of the radio signals between access points and interruption-free roaming times

Field wireless devices conform to ISA100.11a standard

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is launching field wireless devices that are said to be the first to be based on the ISA100.11a industrial wireless communications standard

Film enhances acoustic performance in mobile phone speaker diaphragms

Provides improvement in processability, acoustic performance - especially in low end response – and high temperature performance

WLAN Access Point is ATEX-certified

Hirschmann says that the new Belden BAT300 FX2 is the world's first ATEX-certificated WLAN Access Point with support for IEEE 802.11n

Optical devices achieve higher data transmission rates

Avago Technologies' miniature embedded Micropod parallel optics transmitter and receiver modules are compact and low-cost for high-bandwidth applications

Purpose-built tester integrates M12 and RJ45 ports

IENet PRO is a handheld tester specifically designed to troubleshoot industrial Ethernet cabling

Low profile keypad switches for telecoms, control and alarm panels

The 6425 switch range has low operating noise making them suitable for pro-audio, broadcast and medical applications

GPS solution for asset and vehicle tracking

Alpha Micro Components'Taoglas AP.35a is a GPS solution designed for 'compromised' environments where tracking devices are placed

Industrial wireless transmitter

The electronics are protected in a rugged weatherproof, polycarbonate IP65 rated housing

Fibre optic short link transmitter/receiver suits high-power applications

Avago Technologies' new HFBR-3810Z fibre optic short link transmitter/receiver isolates low-voltage control logic or microprocessors from high-voltage circuits



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