RFID: Ability to provide critical business intelligence augments customer interest

Information and business intelligence offered by active RFID technology is expected to enhance growth prospects in various end-user verticals

Eighty per cent of companies do not use cloud services due to security fears

Seventy per cent of companies would use services if they were as robust as internal tools

Wireless data collector enables remote monitoring

T24-RDC is a remote data acquisition system that has been developed to utilise the existing GPRS network

Update on the LTE and mobile Wimax battle

IMS Research has prepared a report on Wimax and competitive systems, with the future for mobile Wimax not looking as good as might be expected

Gallium arsenide high electron mobility transistor

The new device, which is named the MGF4935AM, is designed for use as the first stage in low-noise amplifiers of direct broadcast satellite receivers

Microcontroller uses Zigbee communications

IDC is launching the ZB108 programmable microcontroller that uses Zigbee wireless communications to eliminate the need for control cabling

New switches extend Ethernet to the field level

Harting is launching Ethernet switches that enable Ethernet to be used at the field level in industrial automation applications

Fluid flow simulation helps overcome telecom thermal challenge

FloTHERM has capability to automatically run a series of flow simulations while varying various dimensions and other parameters

Secure microcontrollers for M2M modules

Using GSM or UMTS networks, modules provide wireless connectivity to equipment that communicates without human intervention

Battling for high definition wireless to run multiple television channels

Groups around the world are squaring up to provide gigabit data over wireless links in the home. Nick Flaherty reports

New needs in health management boost demand for telemetry

European Telemetry Equipment Market, finds that the market earned revenues of $115.00 million in 2007

Space-saving mobile radio modem for industrial applications

Allows users to connect and monitor remote applications via the packet-orientated data transfer service in locations where a landline connection does not exist

Safe power transmission with new power connectors

Yamaichi Electronics now offers power connectors for MicroTCA systems used in the telecommunication sector and industry

Wireless access points give 40km coverage

New Korenix Jetwave 2600 wireless access points give extended coverage for industrial wireless networks requiring high transmission performance

Industrial cellular router connects up to four Ethernet devices

Comes with a built-in relay output that can be configured to indicate the priority of events when notifying or warning engineers in the field

ARC embeds Sonic technology

Provides significantly higher quality audio, allowing equipment designers to improve the quality of the audio or use smaller or cheaper components with the same audio quality

Wireless transmitters: 869MHz module can achieve 5km range

Offers 450mW RF at 869.5MHz output for use in wireless data system applications, says Radiometrix

Mini projector is small enough for cellphones

Researchers have developed a mini projector that is small enough to be incorporated within a cellphone or PDA to enable photographs and other images to be shared



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