New radio mounting bracket and reflector dish antenna

Optional product bundling offers savings when equipping large networks

New radial combiner for radar upgrade programme

S-band radar transmitters are getting multiple solid-state power amplifiers

Smart home and car integration

The importance of the growing smart home market is drawing in car manufacturers and their development strategies.


RTU awarded self-certified status

Field Device offers telemetry for remote monitoring

New communications link for IIoT

This is designed for the remote management of modules like sensors in factory automation, building and vehicle networking

Wireless pressure gauge app

A maintenance application for the IIoT age

New wireless antennas

These could provide a quick upgrade route to add frequency bands without installing more infrastructure

New industrial cellular router

This is aimed at the utility, transportation and oil and gas industries

Antennas launched

These 2 GHz sector antennas are for use in WISP networks

New FM receiver headsets

These provide free access to FM radio anywhere in the world

IoT positioning improves

Location Based Services could benefit

New 3 GHz antennas

These are aimed at crowded towers where there are overlapping frequencies

Expanded probe bandwidth

The new oscilloscope is aimed at the embedded mobile and IoT market

New daisy-chain board connector

The device separates communication terminals into two standalone power and I/O connectors

New miniature Bluetooth kit

The unit is aimed at the emerging IoT market

Cloud research

Embedded development boards to be used for the Internet of Things



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