The Future Of Vehicle Autonomy

Vehicle manufacturers are investing heavily in autonomy and the communications infrastructure required to make autonomous vehicles work, without compromising on user safety or cyberdata safety.

The phone of the future - part 2

Here Sophie Charpentier from the Graphene Flagship considers power, vision and networks

New dual band IP radio from AB Dynamics

TrackFi PowerMesh can select between two frequency bands using 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz RF transceivers



What will your phone look like in the future?

In the first of a two parter, Sophie Charpentier from the Graphene Flagship looks ahead

IoT security goes under the spotlight

This aims to create the world’s tiniest Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Amplifier range expands

New product is for commercial VSAT outdoor units

New antennas from KP

These are red in 2GHz/3GHz, 2GHz/5GHz and 3GHz/5GHz configurations

New 900 MHz antennas from KP

These are designed to deliver coverage through dense foliage

What impact will 5G have for mining and quarry vehicles?

Volvo is testing the technology to see how far it can be taken

New antenna designed with dense foliage in mind

This is for use in outdoor fixed wireless applications

Small high resolution sensor

This is designed primarily for mid-range smart phones

AR glasses enter metrology field

Localised weather content and forecasts appear on lenses

Expanded line of coaxial RF probes to 40 GHz

New gold-plated RF probe models support higher data rates

Companies unite to offer in-car infotainment

Partnership to rollout in Europe next year, will include parking and location services

Partnership provides solutions for the IoT market

New wireless driver allows manufacturers to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to their devices

High-density antenna range launched

Single-band and dual-band options are available

Marine autonomy without reliance on GNSS

This partnership is investigating the viability of integrating different positioning systems should satellite access fail

IO radio gateway designed for IoT applications

New system runs at 10 Mbit/s in downlink and 5 Mbit/s in uplink



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