Taking steam systems to the next level

As the drive for reduced waste levels and cleaner energy continues to strengthen, steam is beginning to fulfil its potential in a number of innovative industrial applications. Chris Gaunt discusses the heritage of steam heating and details its exciting future in anaerobic digestion plants

Wastewater monitor detects accumulation of debris

Monitor provides continuous, long term, accurate monitoring of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP, ammonium, turbidity and temperature

Non-contacting control for pollution alleviation scheme

Provide control and monitoring functions throughout the network of CSO/SSO chambers, vortex and interceptor sewers

Fully automated SCADA system for water and wastewater treatment

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality upgrades its SCADA for all water and wastewater treatment operations

Wind turbines help power water treatment

Three small-scale wind turbines have been installed at Scottish Water's Stronsay water treatment works to help reduce energy costs

Automatic effluent sampling

Wastewater sampler system helps monitor effective effluent treatment through dissolved air flotation plant

Compliance drives wastewater treatment interest

Automation is a central issue when it comes to wastewater treatment, especially in terms of control and monitoring, increasing capacity, improving effluent quality, and meeting environmental compliance standards

Inverter enhances pump and water applications

Frequency inverters are used to regulate high-pressure pumps in waste water treatment and purification plants. Amaechi Oduah reports

Non-invasive flow measurement

Flow Pulse suitable for monitoring flow rate in fluid distribution systems, for pump efficiency checks, in process plant or sewage pumping stations

Italian city upgrades wastewater treatment plant

Tourist region facing negative environmental consequences prior to upgrade

Disc diffusers provide a uniform distribution of air bubbles

Continuous aeration key to provide oxygen to feed aerobic bacteria ensure that it is homogeneous for oxygenation



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