Non-contacting control for pollution alleviation scheme

Provide control and monitoring functions throughout the network of CSO/SSO chambers, vortex and interceptor sewers

Fully automated SCADA system for water and wastewater treatment

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality upgrades its SCADA for all water and wastewater treatment operations

New data for on-line zeta potential measurement in water treatment

Zeta potential is being used both on- and off-line to monitor and control the flocculation processes used to remove organic matter from raw water.

Automatic effluent sampling

Wastewater sampler system helps monitor effective effluent treatment through dissolved air flotation plant

Compliance drives wastewater treatment interest

Automation is a central issue when it comes to wastewater treatment, especially in terms of control and monitoring, increasing capacity, improving effluent quality, and meeting environmental compliance standards

£22m project improves water quality

Scottish Water designed and costed a project to remove storm water discharges and redirect them to a new sewer

Non-invasive flow measurement

Flow Pulse suitable for monitoring flow rate in fluid distribution systems, for pump efficiency checks, in process plant or sewage pumping stations



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