Flip-up welding helmet

Made from Zytel, helmet and offers full head a face protection and is very lightweight

Warning on machine standards

Many companies reference superseded standards that were harmonised with the previous, and now obsolete, Machinery Directive

Shedding new light on the fluorescent versus LED debate

When it comes to selecting light fittings for use in hazardous areas, there is still some confusion over whether users should opt for the latest LED lamps or for the more conventional fluorescent lights. A recent independent report published by the US Department of Energy sheds some interesting light on the debate, says Willi Steckel

Can you rely on your last line of defence?

In order to ensure that relief systems work correctly both the design and maintenance systems have to be robust

Thermal imaging cameras for automation and safety

Cameras are an effective tool for Infrared Machine Vision, Closed loop Process control and Quality Assurance

Rupture disc is a scored reverse acting rupture disc

High precision reverse acting rupture disc offers proven performance in excess of 250,000 cycles

Avoiding the risk of critical component failure

There is now a pressing need to re-inspect, or overcheck, material certifications, says Keighley Laboratories

Automation standards tackle cybersecurity threats

The advent of Stuxnet has prompted standards bodies around the world to develop much tougher certification programmes

Controlling VOC fumes and odours

Catalytic oxidation system lowers aircraft component finishing facility’s running and energy costs

Voice alarm system receives latest certification

Vigilon Compact Voice Alarm system is one of the first to be certified with BRE

Audible signalling device for hazardous and rugged environments

R STAHL's new YA11 sounder for hazardous areas emits a 100 dB alarm



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