Detection device for toxic and oxygen gases

Signalpoint Pro is suited to a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, detecting toxic gases or oxygen in an IS 2-wire 4-20mA format

Carbon nanotubes offer potential as flame retardants

Frost and Sullivan reports that carbon nanotubes offer a number of advantages over conventional flame retardants in a market worth around $3billion

Meeting the latest safety standards in pneumatics

Ensuring the health and safety of the users of pneumatic equipment has led to unprecedented levels of industry regulation

Safety interlock modules suit wider range of PLCs

Additions to Fortress Interlocks' modular Egard range of controls and interlocks enable the products to be used with both current-souring and current-sinking PLCs

Air foot switches protect critical electrical components

Air impulse bulbs positioned on the floor while the electromechanical actuator is safely elevated and protected

Safety light curtains are easier to integrate

Sick says its new C4000 light curtain is easier to install than conventional muting light curtains thanks to intelligent beam monitoring

Multi-purpose gaskets certified as fire safe

James Walker is launching two new multi-purpose gaskets certified as Fire Safe to ANSI/API Standard 607 and ISO 10497-5:2004 for critical CPI/HPI applications

Safety accolade for high strength fibre which is stronger than steel

A high strength fibre already used in protective apparel has won an award for its latest application - hurricane-resistant curtains.

Doubts raised over safety of two widely used plastics chemicals

Sean Ottewell reports on new research which suggests that two chemicals widely used in the processing of plastic products may be more hazardous than previously thought

Safety culture key to preventing tank farm disasters in the future

Didier Turcinovic argues that awareness and responsibility are needed to establish the sort of safety culture which will prevent future tank farm accidents

Risk management software for the new Machinery Directive

A new version of Laidler Associates' Risk Management Software System helps users to comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and PUWER 98

Safety light curtains are easy to specify and install

Leuze Electronic is launching new multiple light-beam safety devices with a range of optional functions such as muting

Explosion protected safety switch key station

Designed to release keys which can be used to control mechanical door locks that provide access to machinery and process lines

Bidirectional explosion diverter

Bulged vent ensures a smooth flow diversion; coupled with low burst pressure and inertia

Making the most of matting

Safe, anti-slip surface for workers manning the large production machinery

Laser sensors avoid false signals

LMS ensures accuracy for security, safety and presence detection, both indoors and outdoors



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