CO2 leak detection camera

Lets plants prevent unplanned outages by allowing them to inspect equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations

Mobile fume extractor

Provides filtration of metal particulate fumes, dusts and some gases and can be used where welding and grinding applications take place

Eliminating costly process downtime during maintenance schedules

Test-Tel is a non-invasive tool to check the status of a rupture disc device in situ

Continuous benzene specific monitor launched

Ion Science announces continuous benzene specific monitor for petrochemical applications

Counting the costs of poor quality

It is tempting to think of enclosures as simple boxes that, in the grand scheme of things, do not do much. But that is to completely misunderstand their purpose, writes Terry Spriggs

Portable gas detector

Features enhanced battery power for longer shifts and harsh environmental conditions

Safe detection of toxic gases

Introducing the FLIR GF346 optical gas imaging (OGI) camera

Interlocks minimise opportunities for human error

Interlocking systems are vital to ensure that process operations occur in the correct sequential order. Minimising the possibility of human error, they protect workers from injury and property from damage. Sean Ottewell reports

The red firefighter

Fire pump motors are the critical component in building sprinkler systems, their role being to supply a robust, pressurised water supply to both the sprinkler risers and to hose stand pipes

Gas detector can detect 29 hydrocarbon gases or vapours

Detects toluene, cyclohexane, isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and paraxylene

Light fittings for hazardous areas

New range of fluorescent lights for use in Ex zone 1/21 and 2/22 hazardous areas

Safety switches for Zone 22 hazardous dust applications

Approved for environments such as flour/grain mills, sugar processing, food processing, metal processing and other production environments

Hands-on advice

Hand protection in the workplace guide launched by UK safety expert

Be prepared: constructive explosion protection

To ensure safety equipment must be designed so that no injuries occur even if an explosion takes place

Explosion test island reaches new heights

Expansion of facilities on test island dedicated to improving safety

Revitalised eye protection range hits the market

Scott Safety launches new range of eye protection

Safety showers: are yours fit for purpose?

Ensuring that emergency showers and eyebaths are fit for purpose and ready to withstand a winter freeze is essential. Janet Dickinson explains



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