Rupture dics: safety-critical solutions

James Hay explains why rupture discs are your most important safety devices

Sanitary rupture disc to avert PED compliance

Specifically for the European pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and biotech industries

Reliable protection against gases, vapours, liquids or dusts

Peter Lemanczyk details a smart spray shield for flange connections

Bearings designed for food industry

SKF has introduced a new series of food industry compliant bearings that help to minimise the risk of food adulteration and contamination

Dust explosions

Do you understand your responsibilities under the DSEAR/ATEX regulations?

Increasing sensitivity of optical gas imaging cameras

Using the high sensitivity mode even the smallest of gas leaks can be spotted using a FLIR GF Series optical gas imaging camera

Alarm rationalisation: the importance and role of Management of Change

For the process industries, it is essential to manage change when making modifications to alarms and alarm systems. Management of Change (MoC) should therefore be a fundamental process within the alarm management lifecycle, says Ian Brown

Zone 0 and 20 LED safety torches

Delivers a piercing white spot beam combined with a wide-angle flood of fringe light

Impact resistant glove for oil/gas/mining and utilities

Sand embedded nitrile is used to coat the whole palm/finger/gripping area for a secure hold on heavy equipment

Making waves in wet food inspection

Machine can clearly differentiate between a signal generated by the product as a result of moisture or mineral content and any metal contaminant

More focus on heat transfer safety needed

Thermal fluid specialist responds to tougher health and safety fines

Bi-directional low pressure valves

Firetrace has just launched a new range of patented valves as part of its fire extinguishing systems that attack fires at source

A safer journey to cyber security

Chris Evans explains why cyber security should be regarded as a journey, not a destination

DuPont turns up the heat at A+A 2015

Live burn tests on the DuPont Thermo-Man and innovative garments providing protection against chemicals, heat and flames

Scott Safety back at A+A

Safety expert launching new respirator range at show

UV disinfection technology – the applications just keep on growing

Gunvinder Bhogal, discusses the myriad applications where ultraviolet technology is now routinely used on a daily basis worldwide



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