Safety in the Plant

Smart fire extinguisher fill checker

The time and cost involved in checking the fill levels in banks of fire extinguishers in hazardous areas can be considerable

How to prevent fluid injection injuries

Fluid injection: the causes and action plan behind reducing life-threatening injuries

Using smart technology to detect and suppress dust explosions

Smart technology is enabling dust explosions to be detected and supressed earlier and faste


Emerson launch a continuous gas analyser

New device requires no consumables

Cybersecurity and physical safety in the plant

Thoughts on possible problems process engineers need to consider

Three developments in industrial safety

How Industry 4.0 technology can be used to improve staff safety

New reporting keeps track of VOCs

Custom automated system tracks paint in Ohio plant

Respirex gas-tight chemical suits meet modern safety requirements

Gavin Walker explains why changing workforce demographics are leading to new chemical protective suit designs

Off the shelf anti-vibration system

This modular bracing design comes in kit form

New safety cable for maintenance

This prevents the re-energising of circuits and systems

New propane-driven dust extractor

This 15kW machine features a HEPA H13 filter

New labels designed for tamper-proof applications

These secure destructible polyethylene labels have an operating temperature range of -40°C to 80°C

Upgraded wireless angle measurement system

For hazardous environments, this combines a wireless inclinometer with a 900mHz radio and antenna

New Ultrasonic Leak Detector

This is designed for use in industries utilising compressed air

Protective coating formula improves

Now it is easier to apply



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