Safety in the Plant

Advances in PPE

Gavin Walker explains why changing workforce demographics are leading to new chemical protective suit designs

Off the shelf anti-vibration system

This modular bracing design comes in kit form


New safety cable for maintenance

This prevents the re-energising of circuits and systems

New weather warning system for industrial facilities

This can detect lightening up to 22 miles away

New labels designed for tamper-proof applications

These secure destructible polyethylene labels have an operating temperature range of -40°C to 80°C

New continuous emissions analyser has 32 alarms

This is designed for the measurement of pollutants, greenhouse gases and reference oxygen in flue gases

New Ultrasonic Leak Detector

This is designed for use in industries utilising compressed air

Protective coating formula improves

Now it is easier to apply

New particulate matter sensor

This has a predicted lifespan of 8 years

Analysing explosion risk

Some thoughts on the regulations

Enhanced connectivity for multi-gas detectors

New Bluetooth-enabled device allows firms to remotely monitor air quality to improve emergency response

New Smart Pressure Gauge

Rosemount pressure sensor technology offers greater reliability

New hazmat suit

The bright lime garments have been tested against 300 chemicals

Rupture discs protect various high pressure processes

High pressure applications require special overpressure protection due to the demanding process conditions

New light curtains

These photoelectric presence sensors are designed to offer higher safety levels



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