Containing dust contamination

The working conditions of a cement plant do not foster long service life for machinery, due to dust, heat, moisture and vibration. Therefore it is essential that every opportunity is taken to improve the efficiency and reliability of the plant. Mary Fletcher reports

Containing dust contamination

Handling materials poses many risks, dust explosions being one of the most serious. New developments in dust handling equipment are helping to mitigate this hazard. Sean Ottewell reports

Tackling high flow rates and custody transfers

Accuracy and reliability dominate the demands that process companies make on their flowmeter technologies, particularly when it comes to high flow rates and custody transfer. Eugene McCarthy reports

Conveying and sorting in one

Festo’s WaveHandler modular conveyor with intelligent subsystems

All-electric tube benders take a step forwards

Pioneering development opens opportunities in shipbuilding, powergen, oil & gas and more

Modular roller tracks

Applications include manufacturing situations between machining stations and storage locations providing stock mobility

Degassing rotors for secondary aluminium processing applications

Morgan has produced the first one-piece degassing rotor in silicon carbide, delivering an alternative to the graphite material

Higher pressure diaphragm pumps available

100 bar pressure diaphragm pumps announced by pump industry expert

Speeding up the production of gold bars

Festo automation technology brings more speed and precision in Autocon Innovations’ production of gold bars

Removing solids in the 4 to 100+ micron range

Hydrocyclones typically make finer separations than are practical with screening separators and at significantly higher capacities

Is your lubricant good enough to eat?

John Chappell looks at how production efficiency need not be compromised by the requirement to use food-grade lubricants

Thermal imaging: faster diagnostics, quicker solutions

From over-heating pipe joints to metal processing, the ability to identify and solve problems quickly is crucial. Sean Ottewell reports

Rotary valves certified for dry cleaning

Helps system integrators and end users who must satisfy high requirements when it comes to sanitary design and operational safety in food industry

Heavy-duty spring levellers

Even if dust particles are present, the lubricant embedded in the bushing material ensures smooth running

Servo motor gives extra torque to packaging machinery

Adds flexibility to food processing, packaging, material forming and handling machinery OEMs

Accurate control of high value ingredients

Typical applications include feeding jet mills, continuous extrusion processes, micro ingredient batching

Delivering data to understand powder processes

FT4 Powder Rheometer measures a range of bulk, shear and dynamic powder properties under conditions that reflect a diverse range of process environments



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