Load cell measures up to 1000 tons

A new model of MPB load cell from RDP can measure loads as high as 1000 tons

Compact two-finger gripper achieves high gripping moments

Schunk's new PRG two-finger radial gripper features a novel mechanism that achieves a near-constant closing moment throughout the gripping range

What a blow! Rebuilding of a pneumatic conveying test

Industrial-scale pneumatic conveyor rig used for commercial consulting and research has been rebuilt

Magnetically driven gear pumps give edge on costs

Dan Roldgaard reports on how the application of environmental duty magnetic driven internal gear pumps can improve life cycle costs and efficiency

Improve OEE and performance of packaging lines

The Proficy Smartstart Packaging Performance Solution from GE Intelligent Platforms helps to boost the performance of existing packaging lines

Miniature submersible load cell for tension and compression

Futek's model LSB210 Submersible Jr S-Beam miniature load cell is offered in a wide variety of load capacities, with an optional USB interface

Level sensor comes with Foundation Fieldbus communications

A new version of the MTS magnetostrictive MG Level Plus liquid level transmitter benefits from being compatible with the Foundation Fieldbus protocol

2D vision sensor offers high performance and value for money

Sick says its new Inspector I40 2D vision sensor is superior to its existing I10 and I20 models yet it remains easy to use and cost-effective

Load measuring pins compete with standard products

Applied Measurements is offering custom load measuring pins with prices and lead times that are similar to those for standard products

Ionising bars use air-assistance for static control

New GO Stat 8000 series ionising bars from Static Solutions give powerful and highly-effective output, with the air-assistance giving them increased range

Palletising gripper handles all functions in one unit

Schunk's new type LEG palletising gripping system handles pallets, intermediate layers and products with no need for tooling changes

Additions to Globalprox value-priced inductive sensors

Balluff is introducing new models to its Globalprox range of cylindrical inductive sensors, so there are now over 350 models from which to choose

Miniature angular grippers can be mounted on manifolds

New MGW800 series miniature angular grippers from Techno-Sommer Automatic features ports such that they can be manifold-mounted from below



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