Flexible, reliable braking and holding of heavy, conveyed loads

The new stop cylinders have been developed to provide smooth deceleration characteristics to safeguard the workpiece

Shaft-hub bushings avoid the need for keys

Transdev's new Translock keyless bushings offer a number of advantages over keyed mountings, especially for highly dynamic applications

New international standard for labelling and marking

ISO has published ISO 28219:2009 'Packaging - Labelling and direct product marking with linear bar code and two-dimensional symbols'

Belt-drive axes offer higher performance

Hepcomotion's new PDU2M driven units feature additional guide wheels to give substantially higher moment load capacity and stiffness

Smaller version of high-temperature identification tag

Pepperl+Fuchs says the new, more compact version of its drilled metal tag for high-temperature identification applications is easier to mount

Powder testing for optimal process design and operation

The optimal design and operation of solids handling plant rests on effectively predicting powder behaviour, before processing. State-of-the-art powder testers help engineers achieve this challenging goal in a cost- and time-effective way. Reg Freeman explains

Cutting cycle times for sintered parts by more than a half

Superabrasive machining technology is drastically reducing the cycle times for producing parts manufactured from sintered metals.

Pneumatic tubing designed for use in energy chains

SMC is introducing TUZ series tubing that is manufactured from a special grade of polyurethane to resist damage from abrasion in energy chain applications

Pumps for molten salts

Pumping of molten salts as a heat carrier for chemical reactors is a central application for The Rheinhütte Pumps Division of Friatec AG

Compact load cells offer high performance

RDP's has a number of stainless steel compression load cells that are capable of handling high loads despite their compact dimensions

Fibre filtration solutions

Bekaert's BekiflowHG fibre filtration solutions are for gas filtration applications that need to withstand high temperature, high pressure and/or corrosive atmospheres.

Oilfield screening delivers reliable removal of solids

Shaker Screens, from Haver and Boeker, are used during the well construction phase of every drilling project

Remote control pump system

The Kecol Articulated Powerprime system is designed to empty viscous materials from four drums on a pallet

Modular transfer system handles heavy loads

Bosch Rexroth's TS 5 heavy-duty, modular transfer system can transport loads of up to 300kg/m either on pallets or directly on the driven rollers

Round cylinders feature self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning

Festo's new self-adjusting cushioning technology enables its DSNU pneumatic cylinders to be set up more quickly, thereby saving machine building costs

Capacitive sensors are easy to use

New KQ capacitive sensors form IFM are very simple to set up and use, plus each model in the range can perform multiple functions



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