Overcoming the challenge of titanium dioxide processing

Widely abundant, widely used, yet difficult and expensive to extract, titanium dioxide is one of the most versatile substances on Earth. Sean Ottewell looks at how a new extraction process has overcome many of

Universal hook features ensitive control handle

Ingersoll Rand hook suited for all repetitive tasks involving handling of loads of up to 230 kg in industrial environments

Double the strength of die cast parts

A new heat treatment process doubles the mechanical strength of die cast parts – as well as increasing both fatigue resistance and energy absorption

Fatigue-rated load cells with 2.0mV/V output

A new version of Futek pancake load cells now offers a 2.0mV/V output instead of the 1.0mV/V output

Pick-and-place unit is freely programmable

HP140 pick-and-place unit that is capable of 40m/s2 acceleration, 4m/s speed and a repeatability of better than 0.01mm

Higher payload and wider reach

P3+ packaging robot offers a payload of 2.5kg and a reach of 1200mm, which is a substantial improvement over its predecessor

Software simplifies factory layouts

MPDS4 Factory Layout with Mechanical Handling is a new software package for preparing 3D factory layouts from 2D data

Vacuum conveyor has 9,000kg/hr capacities

Vtec system can handle powders, granules, tablets and any other sticky free or non-free flowing material

Ceiling-mounted robot suits packaging

A TH450T ceiling-mounted robot from Toshiba Machine said to be suitable for packaging and other pick-and-place applications (top)

Chains offer better grip for packaging

Tsubaki's latest 'gripper' design improves the performance of its chains in thermoforming packaging applications

Entry-level vertical form seal flow wrapper

Medium-speed machine offers significant cost benefits and has been specially designed for food and other industrial bagging applications

The 'world's largest industrial robot'

Fanuc Robotics is claiming that its M-2000iA heavy-duty robot is the world's largest and strongest industrial robot, with a vertical reach of 6.2m and a payload of 1200kg

Using real-time particle size analysis for design optimisation

Alberto Ferrari and David Pugh describe how on-line particle size measurement was used to optimise the development of an innovative milling circuit designed to deliver exceptional performance characteristics for an Italian granulates and powders manufacturer

Get your slurry in a hurry with high shear mixer

Allet Krug Polman outlines how a high shear mixer is not only excellent in mixing and dispersing cohesive powder like pigment, toners and pharmaceuticals, but also can mix slurries very well

Integrating a pump into a piping system with a high stiffness casing design

Pilot plant for butyl rubber synthesis was tested in Russia leading to a strong increase in temperature, high pressure and a corrosive fluid

Improving filter media performance to increase recovery efficiency

Recent field studies have shown that the best way to increase media filter performance is improve recovery efficiency

MAG drive pumps 'as reliable as conventional pumps'

Sealless centrifugal pumps in the form of canned motor and magnetically coupled pumps have been available for many years. Rotary pumps, however, have only been on the market for the past 13-14 years

Mixing and flow come under the spotlight in powder processing

The need to better understand flow and mixing behaviour is driving advances in powder processing



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