Palletising gripper handles all functions in one unit

Schunk's new type LEG palletising gripping system handles pallets, intermediate layers and products with no need for tooling changes

Miniature angular grippers can be mounted on manifolds

New MGW800 series miniature angular grippers from Techno-Sommer Automatic features ports such that they can be manifold-mounted from below

Mini-angular grippers fit into small electronic and applications

Jaw position, whether opened or closed, can be sensed through the use of magnetic sensors

Improve OEE and performance of packaging lines

The Proficy Smartstart Packaging Performance Solution from GE Intelligent Platforms helps to boost the performance of existing packaging lines

Low-profile, universal load cells offer high stability

New from LCM Systems is the PTC-1 range of low-profile, high-stability, universal load cells with rated loads from 5 to 1000kN

Fourth-generation BS/DIN chain offers longer life

Tsubaki's fourth-generation BS/DIN standard roller chain, branded Tsubaki GT4 Winner, incorporates features that extend the operating life considerably

Energy-efficient screw blowers

ZS range of energy saving screw blowers meets today’s low carbon economy requirements

Indicating load cells and radio link load cells available from stock

LCM Systems is now offering its Self Indicating Link Load Cell and Radio Telemetry Wireless Link Load Cell as standard products available from stock

Steel belt-based granulation systems

For applications as diverse as foodstuffs, subcooling melts, thixotrpy, abrasive and corrosive products

Customised conveyor belts for precise handling

Belt conveyors are used in a variety of food, chemical and industrial applications

Duplex filter system enables filters to be switched remotely

A new duplex filter system from Parker is designed to enhance safety and filtration performance by means of remote or automatic switching between filters

Aqueous coalescer for electrolyte and raffinate entrained organic removal

Aqueous Coalescer has been developed by SpinTek for both electrolyte and raffinate streams

Seal-less gear pumps

In many chemical applications, the use of magnetic driven pumps can reduce lifecycle costs and minimise the risk of leakage. Dan Roldgaard reports

Pneumatic conveying rises to materials handling challenges

Pneumatic conveying is an ideal method of moving materials around sites, between sites and from delivery points. The latest conveyors can even transport material over a mile in distance



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