Chains offer better grip for packaging

Tsubaki's latest 'gripper' design improves the performance of its chains in thermoforming packaging applications

Entry-level vertical form seal flow wrapper

Medium-speed machine offers significant cost benefits and has been specially designed for food and other industrial bagging applications

The 'world's largest industrial robot'

Fanuc Robotics is claiming that its M-2000iA heavy-duty robot is the world's largest and strongest industrial robot, with a vertical reach of 6.2m and a payload of 1200kg

Using real-time particle size analysis for design optimisation

Alberto Ferrari and David Pugh describe how on-line particle size measurement was used to optimise the development of an innovative milling circuit designed to deliver exceptional performance characteristics for an Italian granulates and powders manufacturer

Load cell communicates via USB

Futek is introducing an S beam load cell with the unusual feature of a USB connector for simple communication with a PC or other USB-compatible controller

Integrating a pump into a piping system with a high stiffness casing design

Pilot plant for butyl rubber synthesis was tested in Russia leading to a strong increase in temperature, high pressure and a corrosive fluid

Improving filter media performance to increase recovery efficiency

Recent field studies have shown that the best way to increase media filter performance is improve recovery efficiency

MAG drive pumps 'as reliable as conventional pumps'

Sealless centrifugal pumps in the form of canned motor and magnetically coupled pumps have been available for many years. Rotary pumps, however, have only been on the market for the past 13-14 years

Mixing and flow come under the spotlight in powder processing

The need to better understand flow and mixing behaviour is driving advances in powder processing

Intelligent line shaft boost packaging machine throughput

Elau has taken a fresh look at electronic line shafting and created a new system that enables machine cycle rates to be improved by up to 30 per cent

Sanitary bulk bag filler brings fill head to operator

Features a pivot-down fill head that enables the operator to connect empty bags at floor level and resume filling operations rapidly

Cam-operated assembly system is a standard part

Weiss is introducing the Pick-O-Mat cam-operated assembly system that can form the basis of a complete automated assembly cell

Research hopes to seal the future of green packaging

By improving ‘form-fill and seal’ type of packaging, teams hope to reduce the amount of material used by 13 per cent

Miniature load cell features USB output

A new LLB130 Miniature Load Button from Futek is offered with a USB output that simplifies applications in which data is collected on a PC or similar hardware

RFID tags with epoxy and silicon seal packaging

These tags have been designed to be effective when used in special conditions/environments such as in liquid or on metal surfaces

Cable-actuated position sensor is compact and reliable

ASM's new WS17KT series draw-wire sensor is capable of measuring distances of up to 15m in harsh industrial environments

Flexible, reliable braking and holding of heavy, conveyed loads

The new stop cylinders have been developed to provide smooth deceleration characteristics to safeguard the workpiece



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