High speed transfer of parts

Strothmann Machines & Handling has won what it says is the largest single contract for press automation in the Chinese market to date

Modular flight conveyor screw for bulk handling

'Snap-together' screw modules with standardised shapes can be assembled in many novel and creative ways, says Exventys Inc

Aluminium rollers offer a strong option at half the weight of steel

Rollers designed and built by Horizon Conveyor Equipment are offering light relief to site operators in their efforts to tackle health and safety risks and cut maintenance downtime

3D visual mapping

Effective silo volume measurement can create cost savings and improved inventory control. Katrien Geerinckx reports

Pump breakthroughs in efficiency and ease of use

Modern pumps have to be able to perform efficiently and with minimum maintenance while pumping materials that often can be highly valuable and corrosive. Sean Ottewell reports

Iris valve meets high levels of hygiene

Mucon has launched its new Series K2P electrically/pneumatically actuated range of Iris valves

Bag filling system for ultra-heavy-duty applications

Fills bulk bags with aggregates, abrasive minerals, powdered metals, dry chemical additives, filter press cake, and other difficult-to-handle bulk materials

Adapters combine for multi-axis linear positioning systems

MiniTec allows its new range of linear positioning slides to be combined for flexible and convenient build of multi-axis positioning systems

Large format wireless LED display enables the remote display of instrumentation data

Display is suitable for application use in process control, lifting and handling, waste management and silo management

Versatile crane in a compact design

The CXT crane features an especially compact and robust design — equipped with extremely low headroom and small-end approaches

How to use rheology

Malvern Instruments adds ‘Suspension Properties’ series to its highly online Masterclasses

High power LED UV curing system

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the new LC-L1v3 UV curing system, adding to the existing range of LED UV curing systems

HMI software provides remote access for surface finishing machines

InduSoft HMI software provides remote browser-based access, data logging and trending, and other features for surface finishing machines. Kim Ground reports

Large plastic bins provide an economical replacement for wire baskets

Logistics processes in production and assembly are in a state of change: assemblies and components are required in ever-smaller series and batches

Tubular drag cable conveyors streamline cereal processing

The latest generation of tubular drag cable conveyors provide critical process and product quality benefits, minimised product damage, improve product safety, reduced clean-up and faster changeovers are key advantages over traditional conveying systems. Jim McMahon reports



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