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Gas analyser can simultaneously measure four gas components

Removes the need for separate analysers which means operational efficiency is increased and costs reduced

Welding torch tester

Tests the availability and quality of the switching circuit used in the torch switch

Miniature data logger stores more than 1 billion samples

Highly flexible with added analogue inputs; for temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration

Contract to handle and dispose of damaged subsea structures and equipment

Gryphon field operator Maersk Oil has awarded TWMA to recycle storm damaged plant

Updated noise mapping software

Improved data handling system, an intuitive Windows-based graphical user interface - and integrated project organisation options

Condition monitoring solution for rotating equipment

DART 1 offers an effective way of monitoring rotating equipment and associated machinery.

Mobile shiploader and link conveyor

The combined system handles coal at a peak rate or 1200 tons per hour

Cable with up to 30 per cent smaller bending radii

Has an abrasion-proof and bend-resistant, halogen-free, oil and bio-oil-resistant TPE outer jacket

Scottish Water starts trial of oxygenation of River Clyde

Two oxygen injection units are being suspended from an unpowered barge moored off the river bank near waste water treatment works

Remote welding at nuclear reactor sites

Model 20 weld head with full remote deployment to plug and seal any leaking tubes on the re-heaters

Motion and machine controllers

Delta Tau Geo Brick LV family is available from Heason Technology supplied with eight user configurable 250W drives

Weak pricing cuts profits by 25 per cent, global study reveals

Pricing study sheds light on the profit culture and pricing know-how around the globe and across industries

High performance pneumatic equipment filter

Vyon filters typically remove particles down to 5 microns in size, protecting pneumatic devices

Photoacoustic gas monitor for measurement without vapour interference

Designed advanced infrared sensor to monitor a variety of gases including hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols

Order for 200 wind turbine structures

The deal will involve the design and manufacture of more than 200 bespoke monopoles over the next 12 months for 10Kw wind turbines

Controlling VOC fumes and odours

Catalytic oxidation system lowers aircraft component finishing facility’s running and energy costs

Improved measurement of tight rocks such as shales

GeoSpec2 simplifies core measurements by offering a single instrument to measure standard core parameters

Biofuels make a comeback despite tough economy

High oil prices are all factors behind the surge in production, Worldwatch Institute

ExxonMobil strikes Arctic exploration deal with Rosneft

US supermajor ExxonMobil and state-run Russian oil firm Rosneft have announced a major new strategic alliance. Energy analyst Andrew Neff reports

Durable LED blasting light

Magnalight BL70-LED Magnetic Mount Blasting Light from Larson Electronics' produces 6,020 lumens