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Fewer than one fifth of IT pros are women

The IT Job Board calls for more women to pursue tech careers on International Women's Day

Diver-directed mapping system with high accuracy positioning

Applications include pipeline and cable corridor clearance surveys, hydrographic and bathymetric surveys

Fukushima lesson: Prepare for unanticipated nuclear accidents

Call for study into how nuclear fuels behave under the extreme conditions present during core-melt events

Sub-sea pipeline leak detection system

Systems are now on offer for both shallow (ROV mounted and diver held) and full ocean depth operations


VIDEO: SMEs turning to renewable energy generation

Energy supplier Opus Energy survey finds entrepreneurs powering change

Classification and Labelling Inventory of chemicals on the EU market

More than three million submission records covering more than 90,000 chemical substances are now freely accessible

Northern Rail links energy efficiency improvements to ISO 50001 Certification

LRQA Business Assurance helps UK’s largest train operator achieve reductions in both electricity and gas consumption

Streamlining operations and improve business agility

Portsmouth Aviation first in UK to improve business agility with IFS Applications 8

Flexible organic solar film converts light to electricity

Konarka’s cells awarded world’s First OPV Certification from TÜV Rheinland

Inchcape Shipping Services to open office in Bangkok

Team led by Thaveesak Chowchankit, who joins from the Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association

Video: Tightly sealed energy tubes

Integral sealing design ensures tubes can be submerged in water or any other substances

Aerospace data scientists and the future of data-driven business

The decreasing costs of electronic sensors resulted in most aircraft manufacturers fitting them in almost every subsystem. Collection of the 'engineering' data alone is enough to require enormous computational power and storage. Sergio Pepe reports

Windows could 'act as solar panels'

Polyera achieves a 9.1 per cent efficient world-record organic solar cell performance

FRAM product series with extended voltage range

Offers greater efficiency in design and logistics for the industrial and metering sectors

Sun shines on new ‘eco hotel’

Rooftop solar PV system will produce 8000kw hours of electricity per year

Layered metal shims cut assembly times and costs

The steel layers are peeled off manually with a knife directly at the machine

Fasteners enable sheet-to-sheet attachment without screws

Aluminium fasteners can be specified to attach super-thin membranes to very thin cosmetic substrates

Continued growth in shale gas and offshore drilling and production throughout the US

Solar and wind leading the renewables sector; natural gas-fired plants remain most likely form of power generation growth

Accessing key wind farm performance and maintenance data

MatrikonOPC helps operators keep wind farms efficient, profitable with OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbine Controllers





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