Heat transfer: the more, the merrier

Annual or bi-annual testing on mineral-based thermal fluids is inadequate when maintaining a healthy heat transfer system

All things to all men ... the Internet of Things

Simon Kampa outlines the vast potential of the Internet of Things – and explains how his firm plans to capitalise on it

Alarm rationalisation: the importance and role of Management of Change

For the process industries, it is essential to manage change when making modifications to alarms and alarm systems. Management of Change (MoC) should therefore be a fundamental process within the alarm management lifecycle, says Ian Brown

Steam: accumulating interest

David Oakland describes how steam accumulation can be harnessed to aid steam plant design and secure higher energy efficiency

Temperature probe offers extended performance

For use in demanding automotive, medical and industrial temperature measurement applications

The best way to get rid of light ends

Thermal fluid specialist unveils research into removing light ends

EPDM material meets demanding food requirements of EC1935/2004

Regulation applies to rubber and plastic materials intended to come in prolonged contact with food products such as beverages, milk, yogurt, ice cream and other foodstuffs

Screw compressed air stations

BOGE Compressors has launched a selection of new screw compressed air stations to extend its popular C series

UPS for harsh industrial working environments

Secure the reliability of critical systems in demanding marine, rail and process industry environments

Mass spectrometers with dual-stream sampling

Important process data, temperature and/or flow rates for example, can be imported in real-time

Making waves in wet food inspection

Machine can clearly differentiate between a signal generated by the product as a result of moisture or mineral content and any metal contaminant

Why understanding pH is key to water purity

Mark Bosley explains why pH is critical to effective management of process water quality

Checking pressure resistance of gas and fluid pressure vessels

Tangye HTP Hydrostatic Test Pump is self-contained, portable unit is capable of providing up to 1,000 Bar working pressure

Hose pumps replace PC pumps for reliable bentonite pumping at waterworks

Progressive cavity pumps subject to wear in abrasive application; Bredel APEX15 pumps prove far more durable than PC pumps

Hazard perception for gas safety

Louise Early reveals an end-to-end strategy for gas safety. The first step in securing gas safety in a steel manufacturing or processing plant is to identify which gas or mix of gases is present

Actuators aid asset management

Intelligent AUMA actuators with integrated AC controls continuously monitor critical parameters

The challenge of water scarcity

As population growth and climate change place increasing pressure on the amount of fresh water available. How, asks Steve Mines, is water scarcity impacting manufacturers and what can be done to preserve this most precious of natural resources?

Positive energy

Steve Schofield on ESOS assessment and the business opportunity we must embrace

Monitoring: take a direct approach

Inline process monitoring directly in the extruder by measuring colour using UV-VIS spectrophotometers. By Fuat Eker

A safer journey to cyber security

Chris Evans explains why cyber security should be regarded as a journey, not a destination


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