Chemical control solution

Brazil chemical facility first to adopt new process controls that allows for more effective responses and less operator fatigue

Trace heaters

Gloria Hillesheim explores the role of trace heaters in process engineering

Latest advances in purge plugs

Ensuring that stainless steel tubes and pipes are welded without oxidation it is vital

More flexibility for safe connectors

The Han Ex range is deployed chiefly in the mining, chemistry and process automation industries

More efficient mixing

Vincent Fleck details a solution for mixing big vessels better and more cost-effectively

Smart simulation solution

Ulrich Heck reveals the merits of using computational fluid dynamics for filter applications

Sanitary rupture disc to avert PED compliance

Specifically for the European pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and biotech industries

Rupture discs: bursting into life

Deborah Bevan reveals how two industry experts are working together to help cut the cost of wiring in rupture disc monitoring environments

Extending service life of process instruments

K-Patents’ PR-01-S refractometer is exposed to temperatures from –20 ° to 220 °C, pressures from –0.7 to 25 bar, and some 500 process fluids and chemicals

Focus on filtration

Filtech takes place between October 11-13 in Cologne, Germany, and is the largest filtration event worldwide

Hydraulic hose maintenance: be proactive, not reactive

Terry Davis describes how to get ahead in hydraulic hose maintenance

Reliable protection against gases, vapours, liquids or dusts

Peter Lemanczyk details a smart spray shield for flange connections

Progress in pump performance

Polymer solutions to improve the efficiency of water systems

Innovative solutions for measuring food products

Zeiss on-line NIR sensor Corona Process is based on diode-array technology and predicts parameters such as moisture, fat and protein

Value-added valves

When it comes to designs for controlling hot processes, it’s all material, says Ian Webster

Front-end engineering and design: your best estimate

Peter Laing explains how combining modern software packages with experienced engineers allows reliable estimates to be produced for around a fifth of the cost of traditional approaches

Ultrasonic flow meter for process and control

Titan Enterprises announces the Process Atrato - a new low volume, high performance ultrasonic flow meter packaged to address the challenges of the process and control environment

Bearings designed for food industry

SKF has introduced a new series of food industry compliant bearings that help to minimise the risk of food adulteration and contamination

Robot-assisted tube bending system

Transfluid developed a tube processing system that involves robot handling of the material and that can bend tubing in lengths of up to 4,500mm

Reliable weighing in harsh environments

Redesigned digital load cell for filling and metering applications delivers reliable measured values


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