New inline particle sizer

Allows self-monitoring, self- diagnostics and self-cleaning technology, to ensure maximum uptime and 24/7 real-time analysis

Latest automated analyser launched

Mobile, fully automated, computer controlled sampling system enables measurements across the size range 1nm to 1,000nm

Pumps: on standby

James Boyle reveals why a duty of care for pumps is an essential requirement to avoid downtime

Passing muster

Louise Smyth meets the man behind an innovative real-time location solution designed to improve productivity and safety in process facilities

New compressor for pneumatic conveying systems

Suited for a range of pneumatic conveying processes, from transporting powders or granules such as plastics, flours or seeds, to transferring air and neutral gases

Go with the flow

When it comes to thermal fluids, Clive Jones urges companies to act on early warning signs

New pump for food and beverage sector

Designed for clean pumping for all food and beverage industry applications jij

Bluetooth radar level sensor for the water sector

Independent of weather influence: strong sun, wind, surface turbulence, condensation, fog or rain

Inline valves deliver flexibility

Can be specified as a standalone valve or the range can be stacked to handle a group of actuators

Dry claw vacuum pumps

Suited for process applications, including pneumatic conveying, woodworking, drying, sterilising, impregnation, thermoforming and extrusion

Next-gen silcon photonics

Doris Knauer reports on automatic testing of photonics components

Food-grade aerosol lubricant provides benefits in food processing

NCH Europe has launched K Plex White, a food-grade aerosol lubricant that protects surfaces from contamination and wear

Metal seated DBB valves for a reliable primary isolation

Suitable for use as a reliable primary isolation in industrial plants - at pressures up to 420 bar and under harsh operating conditions

Improving enterprise through operations intelligence suite

Siemens is expanding its range of industrial management software for the process industries with the release of its XHQ Operations Intelligence platform

Increasing the availability of intake pump stations by using suitable pump hydraulics

The Saarland Waste Disposal Association in Germany significantly increased its plant intake pump station availability by exchanging existing impeller channel pumps for pumps with patented vortex hydraulics. Andreas Flögel reports

Shining the light on water treatment

NCH Europe's aquaDART controls the chemical dosing of water systems in industrial applications

Levelling feet for hygiene sensitive applications

Meeting the needs of conveyor systems and machinery used in food processing applications

Water-cooled power controller offers extended lifespan

Suitable for industrial ovens and heating equipment in the process, automation and plating industries

Space-saving upright format compressors

Atlas Copco expands GA VSD+ compressor range with a series of extra models

Smallest flow controller with IO-Link

Enables comfortable configuration via IO-Link and the use of process data for remote maintenance


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