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Siemens Process Instrumentation - Your Total Solution Provider

Siemens Process Instrumentation knowsthat maximum precision and absolutelyreliable measurement results are key for the process industries. Only then canyou increase the efficiency of your plants and improve your product quality.Whether you are measuring pressure, temperature, flow or level, Siemens offersyou a globally unique portfolio of sensors, transmitters and systemscomplemented by pneumatic valve positioners, weighing and batching systems, processcontrollers, process recorders and more. And you alwayshave the assurance of a global network of experttechnical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High-performance fieldinstruments from Siemens are suitable for a wide range of applications in manydifferent industries, including oil and gas, marine, water and wastewater,chemical, district energy/HVAC, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining andmore.

The Siemens ProcessInstrumentation portfolio includes:

·        Pressure

·        Temperature

·        Flow

·        Level

·        Positioners

·        Weighing andbatching

·        Controllers

·        Recorders

·        Process protection

·        Wirelesscommunication


Ostliche Rheinbrueckenstr. 50 76187 Karlsruhe Germany

Phone: +49 (173) 7048687


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SITRANS TO500 multipoint temperature measuring system for applications requiring multiple measuring

SITRANS P500 pressure transmitter for high-accuracy and cost-effective pressure monitoring.

SITRANS FC430 Coriolis flowmeter for market-leading precision, compactness and user-friendliness.

SITRANS LR560 radar level transmitter for continuous monitoring of solids in silos.