Is your profit leaking away?

Paul Boughton

Leaking Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) are known as a significant source of rouge emissions and product wastage, not forgetting that leakages are a safety concern for site and 3rd party personnel.

Operating companies have increased their routine valve maintenance regimes, wasted time and money trying to perfect leak monitoring systems to identify the leaks all of which fail to solve the problem, these valves will still leak! They have ignored the best solution, use the REMBE KUB Bursting Disc to isolate the PSV, result Zero leakage through PRVs.

By isolating the PSV from the process with this unique Bursting Disc the valve is now 100% leak-proof and this also allows for PSV testing in-situ, no downtime for routine PSV pop testing, a huge saving on maintenance costs as well as lost production.

The mechanism is based on the buckling-pin principle discovered by Leonard Euler. The fact that the response pressures are accurately defined by Euler’s buckling-pins engineered and positioned by state-of-the-art laser technology, means that end users can operate their plants safe in the knowledge that rouge emissions are now eliminated.

Once the bursting disc is installed, KUB needs no further maintenance or adjustments as you do in the case of valves and it reliably safeguards the process/plant. Only in the event that the disc has activated due to overpressure must it be replaced. The service life timeframe can vary for the disc to be replaced, after a year, a decade or never. 

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REMBE GmbH Safety + Control is based in Brilon, Germany. 

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