X-ray fluorescence measurement goes mobile

Paul Boughton

The new FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XAN 500 from Fischer offers a mobile coating thickness measurement option particularly useful for large specimens or difficult-to-reach locations.

The geometry is optimised for a safe placing onto the specimen and the coating or material composition can be measured reproducibly.

The optional compact measurement box not only carries the whole system safely, it also converts into a mobile bench chamber top instrument, and is designed so that small specimens can be easily placed and reliably measured.

From a radiation protection point of view, the instrument complies with the requirements of a fully protected instrument.

The X-RAY XAN 500 is a mobile and universally applicable energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence measuring instrument for non-destructive coating thickness measurement and material analysis with an element range from Chlorine (17) to Uranium (92) – up to 24 elements simultaneously.

The instrument is perfectly suited to measurements in quality assurance, incoming inspection and process control.

Typical fields of application include measurements on large coated parts, like machine components and housings; mobile measurements in electroplating shops; mobile measurements of precious metals and solution analysis.

Accuracy and long-term stability are characteristics of all FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY systems, with the modern silicon drift detector achieving high accuracy and good detection sensitivity. The fundamental parameter method by Fischer allows for the analysis of solid and liquid specimens as well as coating systems without calibration.

The operation and evaluation of measurements as well as the clear presentation of measurement data is performed on a tablet PC, using the powerful and user-friendly WinFTM software. Despite the compactness of the instrument, the entire range of features offered by the software is available. The FISCHERSCOPE XAN 500 meets DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568.

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