Voice alarm system receives latest certification

Paul Boughton

Fire detection and alarm specialist, Gent by Honeywell, has boosted its voice alarm offering by receiving the latest certification for its range of Voice Alarm (VA) systems.

The provision of products certified to the latest harmonised standards coupled with the dedicated sales support services team will ensure that Gent and its experienced team of System Integrators will be able to fully meet the needs of VA projects of all types and sizes.

The Vigilon Compact Voice Alarm system is one of the first to be certified with BRE, which provides third party certification of fire, security and environmental products and services in line with the newly harmonised part 16 of fire safety standard European norm EN54. This is recognised in the industry as the standard to which the design and construction of VA equipment should conform. The Gent system is also fully compliant with standard BS5839-8 2008, which is generally required in project specifications.

In addition, Gent has further expanded its VA/PA range to include certified rack based systems to ensure the company has the most appropriate solution to suit every individual application.

The Vigilon Compact Voice Alarm system offers the ultimate choice for customers by using the very latest voice alarm and public address technology, combined with the renowned Analogue Addressable fire detection and alarm functionality of Gent’s existing Vigilon Compact system. This ensures reliable and constant life safety protection for both people and property.

The primary benefit of Gent’s Voice Alarm systems is how they aid the safe evacuation of a building in an emergency. High quality, intelligible voice messages instead of tones greatly reduce the response time and provides the opportunity to advise occupants of the safest emergency route.

For more information, visit www.gent.co.uk

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