Versatile valves

Paul Boughton

Valves play a key role in process optimisation and their importance should not be overlooked, says Silvyo Lang.

When process optimisation is considered, the longevity of equipment and maintenance costs are often key in the selection of line components. When accurately matched with process, medium and flow conditions, FluoroSeal non-lubricated and lined plug valves can provide a reliable performance without the hassle and cost related to maintenance and change outs. Available in ANSI and DIN sizes and in a wide range of casting materials, these versatile valves offer a bi-directional bubble-tight seal in both directions, multiple external seals and no body cavities to entrap media. Used for both on/off and throttling operations, the applications range of these plug valves is impressive: from water or benign gas control to fully automated nuclear waste disposal and both corrosive and abrasive environments associated with chemical processing. 

Counting almost 30 years of successful worldwide installations, these plug valves are sought after for their extended lifespan and virtually maintenance-free operation. Numerous case studies have demonstrated that the correct match of material to flow medium will result in a flawless performance over a long period of time. FluoroSeal achieves a custom fit to the flow and medium characteristics through intensive knowledge of material properties, and most particularly the metals used in the fabrication of its valves. Having expanded its product offering over the years and taken control over its production processes, the company has invested considerable resources in the metallurgical knowledge that is the basis of its success today. Employing seasoned metallurgists and material engineers, FluoroSeal now owns not one, but two foundries worldwide. Just as end users require complete process control, so do the solutions providers and FluoroSeal has achieved this control over its production by expanding its own investment casting facilities. From steels to complex alloys, not only can the company offer a product that will not degrade over time of exposure to the medium flowing within it, but also one that has over a quarter century of research and material analysis to back the choices offered to customers. 

Over the years, many industry leaders have approached FluoroSeal to assist them with the most appropriate material selection for the processes in their plants. One such customer, a major fertiliser producer in the Middle East, has built a long-standing relationship with the company, with hundreds of various plug valves installed in its existing and newly added production facilities. It all began with a simple request to suggest a replacement for a valve that – due to the nature of the medium – had to be replaced substantially frequently in order not to compromise the plant safety. With a successful match, the fertiliser producer is now able to ensure worker and plant safety as well as reduce its annual maintenance budget.

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Silvyo Lange is with Fluoroseal Europe in Germany. 

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