The varying levels of industrial power supplies

Louise Smyth

All power supplies designed for use in non-medical application are required to meet the international safety standards of IEC/EN/UL 60950-1.

Industrial grade power supplies are subjected to increased requirements which vary depending upon their operating environment, typically divided into two categories, one for office/manufacturing environments and another for harsh/hazardous environments.

For power supplies in household applications, there are virtually no differences when it comes to insulation and operational safety.

However, stronger electromagnetic and conducted disturbances are expected to arise in industrial environments, and electrical power supplies must be resistant to these.

EMC immunity tests according to the generic standard IEC 61000-6-2 „ immunity for industrial environments“ is the common denominator for a power supply being classified as industrial-grade.

The right product for the application and environment/standard products.

Traco Power offers a wide selection of standard industrial power supplies that are manufactured and tested according to the varying environments and applicable safety standards, allowing our customers to choose the power solution that is most cost-effective for their application and environmental requirements.

All Traco Power industrial rated power supplies provide following features as standard:

* Safety approval according IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 (for 3000 VAC I/O isolation)

* EMC immunity according IEC 61000-6-2

* EMC emission according EN 55032 class B

* Protection against short circuit, overload and output over-voltage.