Utility scale solar PV plant cluster has 28.1MWp capacity

Paul Boughton

Martifer Solar has developed a cluster of utility scale photovoltaic plants totalling 28.1MWp in the United Kingdom. This is one of the largest clusters of utility scale solar PV plants ever built simultaneously in the country to date. The construction of this cluster was completed in 15 weeks. These utility scale solar PV plants were constructed in Cornwall, Hampshire, Devon and Wiltshire, regions which boast the highest solar radiation levels in the country.

Martifer Solar has entered into an agreement with the UK’s largest solar energy generator, Lightsource Renewable Energy, who has purchased all five projects, already commissioned. The entire cluster of 28.1 MWp will be added to the Lightsource asset management portfolio in the UK whilst Martifer Solar will be retained under an operations and maintenance contract to ensure all five plants perform at optimal generation levels.

With an installed capacity between 4.4 and 6.63 MWp, these plants, totalling more than 114,000 modules installed in ground mounted fixed structures, were installed in a total area of 75 hectares.

The combined total of ‘green’ energy that will be produced by the entire cluster is estimated to be within the range of 27.74 GWh/year. This is sufficient ‘green’ energy to power over 18,000 inhabitants and save over 12,500 ton of CO2 annually.

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Martifer Solar Corporate Video 2012

Martifer Solar's high-tech PV modules factory