UPS expert appoints distribution partner

Paul Boughton

Dale Power Solutions has appointed its first IT Distribution partner during 2014. The Change Organisation is the perfect outlet for its range of E Series UPS systems. Craig Baker, business development manager – UPS Resellers at Dale Power Solutions, says, “We now have a partner that is absolutely suited to our particular needs. Dale Power Solutions celebrates 80 years from being established next year and recently it has been growing its range of uninterruptible power supplies. We wanted to get a distributor with an excellent reputation and with good UPS experience. The Change Organisation is that company. We are very pleased to be working with such a young, dynamic partner, and look forward to the Change Organisation distributing our range of UPS systems to its IT resellers in 2014”

The Change Organisation will be promoting Dale Power Solutions E Series range of single and three phase UPS systems, with ratings available from 1 to 600kVA. Dale Power Solutions provide the ideal secure solution for your UPS needs.

“The Change Organisation are delighted to have been appointed as an Authorised UK Distributor for Dale Power’s E series UPS system range”, said Jai Hogben, Director of The Change Organisation. “The addition of Dale Power to our portfolio enables us to offer a complete UPS solution, from hardware to installation & will only help enhance our offerings to the channel. Working with Dale Power Solutions demonstrates our desire to grow our brand whilst ensuring we can provide complete IT solutions for our customers.”

Tim Wilkins, Chief Executive of Dale Power Solutions stated. “Dale Power Solutions are one of the largest, dedicated secure power providers in the UK, with over 100 service personnel. We are pleased to be further expanding our UPS distribution network. The UK is one of our most important markets, and this expansion will help Dale Power Solutions in our mission to become the number one solution, service & maintenance providers of standby power and power generation systems” 

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