Universal battery controller for UPS systems

Paul Boughton

Traco Power launches new universal battery management modules for powering fail-safe industrial systems with uninterruptable DC voltage. They are available as standalone modules(TSP-BCMU360) which can be connected to any 24VDC or 48VDC power source or integrated to a compact 24VDC power supply (TSPC 240-124UPS).

The units are designed to operate with any external 12VDC lead acid batteries. A step up converter is used to maintain the output voltage level in power fail mode. Two internal decoupling diodes allow operation with two independent voltage sources (redundant inputs) in order to increase the reliability of the output even further.

During the normal operation, the connected 12V battery is charged with constant charging current. This current will be reduced if the battery reaches the factory set value of 13.6VDC which is the typical end of charge voltage at 25°C of most lead acid battery brands. If required, this level can be adjusted with a battery voltage potentiometer.

If the external temperature compensation probe is connected, the end of charge voltage will follow the typical end of charge voltage vs. temperature graph (14.2 VDC at 0°C, 13.2 VDC at 50°C).

The internal state of charge of the battery is tested at regular intervals with internal current pulse.

The interval is factory set to 10 minutes. It can be changed to 15s for test purposes by changing the jumper position.

If the input voltage does not recover, the battery voltage will continue to drop, while continuously delivering the output power at required voltage level.

In order to prevent the deep discharge of the battery, which can lead to battery failure, the battery is disconnected at the deep discharge threshold.

In addition to that the battery is protected against short circuit and overload with a built-in fuse, accessible from the front panel.

Mains power, battery status and output voltage are constantly monitored and their status is made available by means of indicator LEDs and relay contacts. The battery can also be disconnected remotely from the unit by use of the external battery on/off input.

These features provide the conditions for a maximised battery lifetime and highest reliability.