Ultrasonic spray fluxing system

Paul Boughton

A variation of Sono-Tek's SonoFlux Servo system, the SonoFlux Servo Dual Flux system enables customers to perform rapid process changeovers with dual flux capabilities for flexibility in wave solder fluxing.

A fluxing capability and user friendly control are standard for the SonoFlux Servo Dual Flux. This new system offers precision metered flow with dual flux delivery and features the following:

* Full Windows-based control recipe-driven control of flux 1 and flux 2 process parameters with recipe storage;
* Automatic flux purge when switching fluxes to eliminate cross contamination;
* High precision flux delivery pump;
* No solvent purge required;
* Compatible with all fluxes (aggressive water soluble flux upgrade possible);
* Selective area fluxing capability.

For more information, visit www.sono-tek.com