Ultra low power 3.5in single board computer targets industrial automation

Paul Boughton

Advantech has launched two new embedded systems based on TI’s Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 1GHz high performance processor.

The RSB-4220 3.5-in Single Board Computer and UBC-FA30 computing box use the low power Sitara AM3352 design with only 2.8 watts power consumption and come with rich I/O features such as UART, Giga LAN, CANbus and more.

The board and box are aimed at applications in industrial automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The RSB-4220 has 512MB of DDR3 memory and 4GB flash ROM onboard and the rich I/O are optimized specifically for industrial applications including: 6 x UART with ESD protection, 8 x GPIO, as well as 1 x CAN bus 2.0B, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x SD card slot, 2 x Giga LAN, and 1 x I2C with 5V interface.

The RSB-4220 also specifically supports Mini PCIe, RS-485 and single channel 18-bit LVDS interface. These are also flexible enough to be applied to a wide variety of applications in IoT and automation control with only 2 watts under normal operation with 12/19/24V DC-In wide-range power voltage input and reliable power circuit design.

The UBC-FA30 is a RISC computing box that uses RSB-4220 as the motherboard. In addition to the flexible housing, users can install it onto a wall via standard screws, or free standing in the horizontal plane. UBC-FA30 also has a complete software BSP with Linux package. It designed for those automation applications that need multiple I/O and connections.

The RSB-4220 and UBC-FA30 come with Linux kernel V3.2.0 and a complete Board Support Package to help develop applications. The RSB-4220 also supports the most popular QT Version and comes with a UI tool for GUI interface development, along with source code examples.

With non-GUI features like thread management, network support, and a unified cross-platform API for file handling, QT can be used to develop a wide range of industrial applications.

Advantech’s in-house software services include source code, tools, APIs, documents, drivers, QT environment and AP level services.