Ultra-compact, high efficiency 125W AC-DC module

Louise Smyth

Luso Electronics introduces Qualstar’s N2Power branded XR125RE and XR125 AC-DC power supplies in the UK and Ireland.

These ultra-small power supplies provide the highest power density in the market at their rated 125W power output. This ultra-compact format is suitable for broadcast, storage and network products include servers and routers, switches and other processor-based equipment for applications in the industrial, gaming and instrumentation markets that require significant power within a very small footprint.

With an overall height of 1.25 inches and 3 x 5 inch (76.2 x 127mm) footprint, the XR125 series delivers a power density of 6.7 watts per cubic inch. It is ideally suited for OEMs using an industry standard 1U chassis. Its small form factor is compatible with existing N2Power XL125 units.

Achieving up to 91% peak efficiency, the XR160’s unique design reduces energy consumption and consequently generates less heat. This provides greater reliability and ensures a longer product life. The XR160 Series requires minimal forced air-cooling and its reduced AC load improves economy of operation.

The XR125RE has additional functionality with remote enable and a 5V standby (for a fixed load of 1A).

N2Power’s XR125 and XR125RE AC-DC power supplies are available for purchase in the UK and Ireland from Luso Electronics and samples are available for evaluation and qualification.