UK gets new waste-to-energy plant

Louise Smyth

Leading gas engine specification and maintenance expert, CooperOstlund, is working with BioConstruct to develop an advanced 5MW waste-to-energy facility. The plant, situated in Imperial Park, Middlesbrough, UK, will recycle more than 100,000 tonnes of organic waste every year, utilising the anaerobic digestion (AD) process to generate enough renewable energy to power 10,000 homes across the region.

The agreement will see BioConstruct building the AD plant, with CooperOstlund installing four Jenbacher CHPs with a total electrical output of a 5MW ­ turning biogas, created during the AD process, into renewable electricity on site. Construction work began in December 2015 and the CHPs were installed and ready for commissioning in September 2016.

As well as powering the site itself, surplus energy generated will be fed into the National Grid and, in the future, could also be used by neighbouring businesses.

Kai H. Roth, managing director at BioConstruct, comments: “Having worked on more than 250 AD plants and sites across Europe, we know that accurate engine specification and expert installation is critical to ensuring the effective development and efficient operation of any AD facility.

“We chose to work with CooperOstlund on this project because of the team’s experience and expertise in the installation, commissioning and servicing of CHP engines. From remote monitoring to ongoing servicing provision, CooperOstlund delivers the complete solution and means we can be confident of achieving optimum energy generation and maximising our customers’ return on investment.”

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