Triple output programmable DC power supply

Paul Boughton

Cal Test Electronics introduces the new Global Specialties 1350 Power Supply.

The 1350 features programmable control via USB interface and microprocessor controlled circuits.

The voltage and current are controlled by a 12-bit D/A converter with resolutions as high as 10mV and 1mA respectively.

The digitised system enables you to input all data via computer keyboard. The protections against over voltage and current are completely regulated by the software producing a safe and reliable instrument.

Product features include:

* Two variable supplies: 0-32V, 0-3A;

* Series tracking mode enabling 0~64V, 0~3A operation;

* One fixed supply: 5V, 3A;

* Fully programmable control, data storage, data recall, and built in USB interface;

* Four separate LED displays for voltage and current for both variable outputs;

* High stability with less drift;

* Automatic program execution at preset time;

* Floating outputs;

* Input voltage selection on rear side (120 VAC/ 240VAC).