Tolerance compensation for wind turbine gear units

Paul Boughton

Shim specialist Georg Martin GmbH has developed an unusually large steel ring with a diameter of 630mm for compensating tolerance during the installation of wind turbine gear units.

The new adjustable steel ring, which reduces assembly times and simplifies maintenance, was recently presented as the latest result of a customer-orientated feasibility study.

The heavy-duty compound solution consists of a solid M-Tech S support ring onto which two semicircular shim ring segments of the type M-Tech L are glued. While the thickness of the support ring is 6mm, the peelable segments have a total thickness of 3.2mm and can be peeled off 64 times in thicknesses of five hundredths of a millimetre. With a total thickness of 9.2 mm, the so-called thickness deviation in the ring is only a maximum of 0.03 mm over the entire ring surface! With 630mm, the diameter is far greater than that of the one-piece rings used up to now for tolerance compensation.

The new adjustable steel ring from Martin can be mounted as a compact unit and is attached inside the housing with pins or countersunk head screws. The laminated sheet metal side of the ring with its M-Tech-L shims is mounted securely between the solid support ring on the one side and the gear unit housing on the other. The function of the solid support ring is to provide permanent protection against abrasion and anti-friction bearing movements. In this way, this shim ring is suited as a flexible and economical fine adjustment element for wind turbine gear units.

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