Tilt sensor with shock compensation

Jon Lawson

Sensor specialist FSG presents new PE-MEMS…/GS70 series tilt angle sensors for monitoring the inclination of construction machinery and measuring tilt angles on ship platforms, working platforms or oil and gas rigs.

The two-axis devices feature the proven MEMS technology (micro-electromechanical measuring systems) and ensure high-precision, redundant measurements. An additional gyroscope compensates mechanical shock.  

GS70 sensors gauge x-axis and y-axis angles in a measuring range of ±60° and achieve accuracies between ±0.05° and ±0.3° depending on angle range. The housing is made from passivated aluminium.

The devices are designed for a temperature range between -40 °C and +80 °C and meet all technical safety requirements according to the IEC standards 61508 (SIL 2) and EN 13849 (PLD). GS70 sensors are available for cable connection with IP68 ingress protection or with a plug connector and IP67 ingress protection. A CAN bus interface supports CANopen and the CANopen safety protocol for signal output.