Think thin for industrial computing applications

Jon Lawson

Thin is in. This is one of the biggest trends in industrial computing applications. DFI is now providing industrial-grade Thin Mini-ITX motherboards that feature the new 6th Generation Intel Core Processor and Intel Pentium/Celeron Processor N3000 Product Family.

DFI’s Thin Mini-ITX boards are beneficial in space-limited environment due to the rich I/O ports and slim-size.

As the equipment had to be a slim footprint to achieve space saving in a narrow occasion, Thin Mini-ITX Boards are becoming the most powerful and thinnest modules in its class on the market today.

In order to fulfil the requirements for application in limited-space environment (such as digital signage, healthcare, surveillance, and power and energy industry), DFI dictates that all thin-sized boards must measure less than 25mm with I/O shield, but designed with a multitude of I/O ports.

Based on the board space and height limitation, the majority of industrial boards are unable to support rich I/O ports.

However, with the DFI qualified board’s lay-out capability, DFI’s thin boards can support three independent displays via HDMI, LVDS, VGA, DVI or DP, and simultaneously support up to 9 USB 3.0/2.0 ports, 4 COM ports, and rich expansion slots.

Having that said, DFI is aiming to build a powerful thin board that can help users operate facilities in a more flexible way.

Low maintenance and high level of robustness without vulnerable fans are becoming essential to pursuit year-long reliable usage.

Under the high performance of CPU, the Thin Mini-ITX Motherboards come with new proprietary heat spreader technology to reduce the height of the board, and it also further support thin boards to be more flexible in a variety of applications, including low noise-level and narrow conditions.

In mainstream healthcare, gaming, digital signage, retail, and transportation, different environment request distinctive performance and efficiency.

DFI’s Thin Mini-ITX boards are embedded with versatile Intel platforms that bring scalable performance from entry-level to premiere-level.

To further meet the demanding needs of high graphics and performance, DFI leverages the performance not only on the processor side through core evolution, but also feature Intel HD graphics that bringing eye-catching graphics to thinner and lighter boards.

Meanwhile, the Thin Mini-ITX boards combined with the low power consumption of advanced processor can support long battery life, which is integral in delivering high-value and high efficiency.

From digital signage and gaming kiosks to facilities in retail, transportation, and factory settings, the offer of longevity and high-end graphics makes, Thin Boards well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Since medical equipment is used in cramped input terminals or narrow bed-side workstations (such as clinic information systems, patient data management systems, radiology information systems, picture archiving and communication systems) they seek slimmer devices to build more commodious space.

Apart from the slim form factor, the high-efficiency and high-graphics were requirements needed to deliver advanced performances for applications in operating rooms, surgical intervention rooms, and recovery rooms.

Due to those requirements, the thin Mini-ITX is a suitable choice for applications that need thin-sized board, high performance, and rich I/O ports. With rich I/O ports, it supports a healthcare device that is connected to more than one operating panels, leading to flexible space utilisation.

To achieve the goal of delivering premium quality products to partners and consumers while meeting their demands, DFI is continuously innovating and making all efforts to develop first-class thin Mini-ITX boards.