Tailor-made protection for electronic assemblies

Paul Boughton

ERNI Electronics has expanded its service offering reliable coatings for electronic boards and assemblies.

Increasing requirements for the quality, reliability and operating life of electronic assemblies as well as a growing packing density of the components make a protective coating more and more important. Constructed assemblies can be protected against moisture, dust, dirt, contamination and mechanical loads by means of special coating processes in order to prevent a functional impairment. In addition, the coating hampers the unauthorised copying of the electronic designs.

Using latest equipment ERNI offers three different coating processes:

* Fluoro Polymer Coating: This process provides a protective layer thickness of approx. 1µm. It is based on the complete immersion of the assembly in the coating bath without masking off metallic contact surfaces. In the event of contact, the protective layer is pierced. Assemblies can be repaired following coating.

* Selective Thin Film Coating: This is a fully automated lacquer curtain coating process. The surfaces to be coated (select coat process) can be individually programmed. The fluorescent protective layer simplifies the optical inspection.

* Selective Thick Film Coating: This approach provides protective layer thicknesses up to approx. 2mm. Therefore an additional sight proofing and protection against Contact is reached. It also enables a secure application of 'boundaries', that can be filled with pourable lacquers (dam and fill process).

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